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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sickness and The Ottawa Pet Expo (Not Related)

First off, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada had thier first annual pet expo.  It was a huge success.  Lots of vendors, demonstrations, and an overload of visitors!!  The rescue that Marg and I are with, Sit With Me, had a booth set up with some lovely things to sell and some of our adoptable dogs.  I brought Marg along but in the early afternoon I couldn't get close enough to the booth to say we were with them!!  There were so many people checking them out it was incredible.  While I was there I was able to get a professional picture of Marg taken thank goodness.  The rescue has been begging me for better pics of her and I'll show you some of what I've taken later they are not impressive..... Margarita has a bit of camera shyness or just can't keep her butt still enough for a decent pic.  This is the beauty that I got at the Expo.

Sqweeee love that face!!
Now here are the pics I tried to take....

Here I wanted to show she gets along with other dogs..... that didn't work out.
So they decided to move Windy was wanting that treat and Marg is just about to do some sassy talking for the treat.... yet another sad outtake.

There's more but really I won't bore you.  I have to admit I do get a laugh when I go though the goofball pics as I call them. 

Marg loves to sleep with her peeps.  So if someone has a nap on the couch she is on you like a fly on poop!!  We love it.  Here's some pics of my daughter Katie sleeping with Marg.

You will take notice that Marg has the majority of the room on the couch which is the reason she does not sleep in our bed....
Of course when she heard the camera she was immediately alerted and was debating it was worth moving around to spoil the pic.  She decided to stay where she was.
I have to add that I went to the Pet Expo with Marg for about three hours.  I made a mistake it was too long for her and I should have known.  She was wearing her muzzle (its the law in Ontario) for the whole time and in the end she was being stepped on and crowded by the hoard of people.  In the end she got grumpy.  She began to growl and bark at dogs who tried to approach her.  It's so sad because she was so friendly towards everyone she met at first.  She was overloaded!!  Frankly so was I.  So now I know two hours is her max limit in high density crowds.  She lasted more than that but to be on the safe side I would not push past two.  It's different without the muzzle and we had no place for her to chill out.

Now for the sickness.... I've been down for the count with the flu for three days now and living basically in bed.  Today I feel a little better but have no voice.  The upside to this is that the dogs get to come in bed with me.  They love it and so do I, cuddled up with the pooches.  Until today..... I guess Marg was a little bored with the sleeping routine and went exploring.  I woke up with a deer antler chewed up and goobered on below my pillow and a chewed up pen beside my head or under my chin to be correct.  Yes thats right I awoke to ink on my hand and face..... thanks Marg you never make things  She's still in puppy/adolecent phase so I had to suspect something on the third day of rest!!

It's all good, but Marg really does want to meet up with Santa this year and wish for her forever family.  She still looks out the window with that longing in her eyes.

Take care

Friday, 5 October 2012

Wishing and Waiting

Mama will my furever family come soon?
Yes Marg your perfect match will come someday, and you will have new peoples to take care of and love.  You just have to be patient.

Really Mama!!!  Ohhhh I can't wait, they come really soon right? 
 When the time is right my love, they will come.  You will be the sunshine in that special someones eyes.  I promise.

Take Care

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Marg and the Mister

My Mister has a new woman in his life...... yup its Marg!

Two of the foster people who have taken Marg for a weekend have mentioned she can be shy of men.  Now that I think back she did take longer to warm up to the Mister than the rest of us.  But now that she has gotten over her shyness with him this is the result....

Please no flash I'm trying to sleep!!
Yaaa right there, thats the spot....
Seriously Dad really?  The things I do for a laugh.
Wheeee big love from Dad!!
I think Marg gets over her shyness with lots of affection and just a little time.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Margarita the Urban Dog

My family and I had one last camping trip to close up the trailer last weekend and we needed someone to watch Marg for us. 

Our new foster person Lara was going to be taking her.  I had no worries leaving Marg with Lara at all.  She liked Marg and Marg liked her and her son.  I also knew she felt comfortable because within 5 minutes of being there she was making herself at home on the couch!!  Sassy Marg.....

Yup I think Marg liked Lara....

Marg had a great experience being a young hip urban dog and she passed with flying colours.  She was walked in the downtown core and did not have any adverse moments.  Although I think she pulled a little more on the leash than usual trying to get in all the smells and people around by the sounds of things. 

Lara took Marg into her place of work and she was well behaved and calm at least in the pictures she 

Ummm Yes can I help you??
Phew thank goodness for break time!!
Marg even got to know Laras son and they got along amazingly.  This just lets me know she can adapt to different children and not just my own. 

Yaa hoo playing on the bed my favorite!!
Marg never ceases to surprise me in how easy she can adapt and thrive in many different living accommodations.  This girl is da bomb!!  People, I don't know why she has not been adopted yet.  She has graced our house for nine months and we both have been on a learning curve.  She was my first experience with a puppy..... yikes I learnt some hard lessons but I've come to love her the more for it.  She is not going to be easy to say goodbye to but I know she needs a permanent home with her own people to love. 

I will be posting more frequently about Marg because I really do believe she is the best darn dog in my life, and I believe in her 100%.  So stay tuned for more Marg adventures!!

Take Care

Saturday, 25 August 2012

It Takes a Village

When you open your home to foster an animal in need you not only add an animal you also welcome in a village.  The village is the support and guidance you get from your foster organisation.  I have had two fosters so far and the list of people who have helped me is not short.  It takes more than one person to look after all the needs of your foster especially if you are fostering a breed that is banned in Ontario.  Something as simple as going camping you need to make arrangements for someone to watch your foster.  Is your dog not feeling well? Do they have behaviour changes that you think need attention?  Do you have any training questions...... the list goes on and on you depend on your village to give you guidance and put worries to rest. 

Here is a list of people who have been involved in my two fosters care with me!!

Tanya the first person I had contact with in the world of rescue.  Has been there to answer questions, set fears to rest and perform feats of logistics that would put the military to

Chastity C one of the first people I met from the rescue who would answer questions and was the person I forgot to pick up my foster from.... OK I'm still

Sarah M  made sure they had great looking nails and rushed over to pick up my first foster when I forgot to pick her up...... ya major boo boo on my part... and transported my first foster off to be with her forever family.  She almost saw me cry.

Michelle B shared in making feel ok in saying goodbye to my first foster and put up with me showing up late so I could have the last minutes saying good bye to her.

Cheryl H has looked after the Margster many times while my family and I have gone camping.  When Marg goes to Cheryls shes in heaven sharing time with other dogs and running free in nature.  Someday I'm sure Marg won't want to come back!!

Kyla C who opened her home to Marg for a weekend with no reservations.  Brave lady!!  lol

Caroline K took Marg for a weekend cottage trip that looked amazing!!  Below are some pics of Marg being spoiled ....

Lazy Hazy Day at the Cottage

Lips stuck because of Peanut Butter Treat at the
Marg has had a great summer being exposed to many different environments, people and other dogs. I have yet to have a complaint.  I always ask if she behaved....

Like all villages people come and go and there has been a change in the rescue that Marg is located now.  She can be located at "Sit with Me" they are on facebook and the web  It is a rescue that specialises in taking dogs from shelters.  Dogs that are slated to be put down or who may be difficult to adopt out. 

The rescue where she started out at "Bullies in Need" are still doing the great work that they do saving our precious Bullies and we will be looking forward to supporting them as well.

Well our summer is winding down now and I will be travelling less, I'm looking foreword to the Christmas holidays when I can take in fosters needing a temporary residence and I can return the favours!!

Hope enjoy the rest of summer

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beaconsfield Pet Fair

A week ago the family and I went to the Beconsfield Pet Fair. Its a pet fair for rescue animals, this was my first time and I was impressed.  Very well organised and lots of rescue animals in attendance!!  I decided to take along the Mister and the kids because I figure fostering is a family affair on a daily basis so we should all take part in the events as well.  Not really a hard sell to the kids they were looking foreword to seeing all of the cats and dogs.

We got there early and help set up the tent for Bullies in Need.  There was time for us to look around and we discovered they had those things you stick your head in to take pictures for pets.  Too funny, we couldn't resist getting one as Marg pretending to be a skunk.

There was a professional photographer Simone Fauque taking pictures and she was kind enough to take Margs picture and let me use them in my blog.  Here the link to their Facebook profile you should check out all of the pictures she took that day. some awesome work as you can see below.

Like how much cuter can you get!!!

Check out her tag, I love this picture of her.
Ok, I'm a little biased on the cuteness factor here..... I have one last picture to show you.  It's of Harvard the youngest of our adoptables at Bullies in Need.  Please prepare yourself for this lil guy, he caused a commotion where ever he went due to extreme over the top adorableness......

I mean really this guy takes the cake!! 

Everyone had a great day it was very hot and long for our pups even goofy Marg had a grumpy moment at the end of all the activities, we took her home and she slept for a good 12 hrs!!!  She met soooo many new people and other dogs and she was very well behaved and took it all in stride.  She does very well in crowds.  At the end of the day they had a catwalk set up for our fosters to walk down so everyone could take a look and find out about who was up for adoption.  Marg did very well even loving up the young children that approached the stage to see her.  That's our Marg the lover!!  :-)

Don't forget that if your interested in adopting just look us up on the web   and drop us a line!!

Take care

Monday, 25 June 2012

Backyard Camping With the Family

Marg had a wonderful opportunity this weekend to deal with lots of people in one place.  My immediate family came up for a visit and we all had a great time, especially  Marg.  Here are the following things I learnt about Marg this weekend.

1 - Marg looooves little kids.  I have an 18 month old nephew and Marg was lovin him up.  (sometimes too much)  She even put up with toddler petting and a tiny bit of a tail pull with no problems.  There was constant supervision by adults around the dogs.

My Mom and Nephew getting some special Marg lovin

Mmmmm I luv the freezie tasting kid!!!

2- Marg was a model dog around running and screaming kids.  She did not chase, nip, or bark.  So easy going in the excited crowd. 

3- If you have a pool she will not jump in.  I always found it dangerous to have dogs that jumped in the pool with out being invited.  This is no problem for Marg she has no desire to get in the pool

4- Marg is a campfire dog.  She had such a busy day by the time the campfire came along she curled up beside my daughter and passed out in the heat. 

Can you spot the tired out dog???
Marg would be a great camping companion.  She does bark at squirrels and chase flies with a little brushing up on leash manners she would be beyond great.  I'm amazed at how calm she is around running kids, for a ten month old pup she passed this test with flying colours Yeaaaa Marg!!!!

Take Care

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Too Hot For This Momma

We have had a glorious spring here with above average temperatures.  When you have the winters we do any unexpected hotness is appreciated!!  Dogs find ways to cool them selves off and I caught Marg becoming the pitbull of the jungle this

Master of camouflage

Can you see me!?

Ta Daaaaa its me!!

Ahhhh nice place to nap ....zzzzzz

Please let me nap now.......
Take Care

Monday, 28 May 2012

Just a Loving Dog

It's been awhile and I apologise for the silence.  Unfortunately my pups have not been the clowns they usually are I think the premature summer heat has wiped them out!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the pressure put on pitbulls in general to be the best behaved dog out there.  I wonder if they sense it.  I know if Marg pulls on the leash when we walk I'm worried people will think shes trying to eat them.  Shes not, she's just trying to meet you and love you up.  This is where parental guilt kicks in.  It is my responsibility to give her the tools to be the best she can be.  If I fail she fails through no fault of her own.  People will look at her and judge harshly because lets face it she a "pitbull" .  This is an attitude all dog owners should share big or small we are the caretakers of these lovely animals. 

So close your eyes and try to forget all that has been put in you head about pitbulls and now open them and look at the silly dog (that's right just a dog) below. 

 This looks like a loving family dog.  She is. 

Take care

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Taking Time to Smell..... Everything

Normally when walking the dogs I walk.  Like really fast paced walk and no stopping except for pee or poo breaks.  I'm trying to get them used to not becoming lunatics of Love as I put it when they meet people or other dogs.  You know the behaviour, crazy jumping, lunging, barking and generally looking like they are out of their minds..... when in reality they are just looking to meet you or your dog, rather rudely, but none the less friendly.

I decided to let Marg have a stop and smell walk the other day.  She was in bliss.  We stopped to smell the grass, puddles, assorted signs, the air, and anything else she could come across.  For a walk that was only one street long it sure took awhile.....  here of some pics of her super nose at work in the back yard.

There are some hazards of having super nose for a dog.  I discovered many holes in the backyard and the remains of a dead mole!!  Yikes.
Hmmmm Smelling something good....

Diggin holes.....
All dogs smell things that's a fact, but this little Lady smells a lot!!  She would really enjoy a Tracking class or some sort of detection lessons in the future. She has already proved her skills catching a mouse and a mole ...... ick.

Take Care

Monday, 16 April 2012

New Treat Dispenser and String Butt....

Fostering a dog with medium energy needs and smarts like crazy, I am always hunting for new toys or treat dispensers.   Marg is extremely intelligent so when left alone and bored you can be sure she will get herself into some sort of trouble.  We have the Kong for whenshe is in the crate she can gnaw away trying to get the treats out while I'm gone.  But for fun play I discovered an amazing new treat dispenser from Bionic.

The link will give you all the details but I can say Marg is a pitbull and Windy is a Lab mix and they have yet to even put a dent in this thing.  They have even used it as a pull toy one on each end pulling for all thier worth.  Everything they say is true on the website and as a bonus it floats.  (I have an in ground pool)  Awesome toy, I will be checking out the other products they have in this line. 

I bought mine at Critter Jungle located 1405 Carling Ave in the Hampton Park Plaza.  The owners actually went to a trade show in Florida and scoped out whats new and hot in the pet trade this year.  Its a great place to shop for what all the "hip" pets are wanting this season.  
Ohhhh yes now we are on to the string butt story...... hope your not eating.  Marg has a string toy that she loves to chew and I now know to eat!!  This morning while have my coffee I see her running frantically and dragging her butt.  The first thought is OMG she has worms.  When I take a closer look I see the problem she has a string hanging out of her.  Gag, cough, blacchhh.  So I do what any half crazed dog owner does grabs the paper towel......ichhhh  I'm chasing her around the kitchen while shes trying to run she is dragging her butt at this point I'm starting to laugh because I'm nervous and thinking this is 

I finally get a ahold of her and am trying to pull gentle cause I don't know if I'm going to hurt her while she keeps scootching her bum so I can't get at it.  I'm thinking Marg this is disturbing me as much as its disturbing you ok so lets get this over with.  So with her between my legs I finally get ahold of the business end and luckily it was short and came out.  She looked so relieved and so was I.  Yuckkkk hope that never happens again.... I'm still giggling about the visual of her trying to run and stopping to drag her  I'm sure you are thank full that I have no pics of this.  I'll spare you the visuals.

Hang in there everyone


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It's Spring and everyone is Springing

The ice has finally melted on the pool so the pups are allowed in the full yard.  I'm paranoid of the pool when its in that thin ice time so no one is allowed back there until it melts.  The dogs were so happy to be able to do the long zoomie runs again and generally act like lunatics....
This is the two dog ball run.
Marg showing us her good side.
Ok, I get it enough pics, silly Margo

Marg has a fear of the flirt pole. She is also nervous around brooms and mops etc.... she is getting better and now likes to play with the mop while I'm using it.  We are slowly trying to get her used to the flirt pole.  In the meantime my son plays with her with rope.  Marg has experience playing with children over the age of seven and has always been gentle and considerate. 

Must catch that rope!!!
Yes!!!  I got it.....

With all the running around and playing, the pups were tired but happy when they came in as seen on the smile on Margs face below.

The cutest smiley face ever!!!!
Here's to lots more soon.

Take care

Monday, 19 March 2012

Pepe My Childhood Dog

When I first started researching Pit Bulls (we think Windy the pit bull wanna be may have some in the gene pool somewhere) I was a little shocked at how quickly I came to accept and love them.  I had thought I had no contact with them before, but when looking back at childhood pets I may be wrong.

I spent my younger childhood in Newfoundland.  Yup I am 100% newfie, and ridiculously proud of  We always had a dog in the house and coming from a modest background it was most certainly a mutt.  That didn't matter to me I loved them for who they were and the earliest one I remember is Pepe.  Pepe was the runt of the litter from what I've been told and he lived the longest.  There are very few pictures of him but this is what I could find. 
I asked my Mom what kind of dog he was and she didn't know.  Some sort of Terrier she replied..... hmmmm looking very familiar if you ask me.  That's me in the background he always put up with me I don't ever remember feeling afraid of him or getting bit.  He was a dog that had character, if that is what you want to call it!!  lol 

He used to eat peoples' garbage, then wander down to the Bay and roll in dead things that washed up from the Ocean including seaweed.  Stink!, oh my Lord, and not just from his Ocean adventures he could clear the couch in 10 seconds flat and he loved it.

Here he is doing his frog legs, and that's me again.  For all his wandering ways and dirty dog habits he lived a very long life.  Some said it was because when I was a kid I was forced to eat Cod Liver Oil everyday.  They bought be capsules which I thought was so much fun I used to suck out all the oil and feed the capsule to Pepe.  I know, strange but hey we were both healthy!!!  He lived a pretty good dog life back in the day being free to do what dogs do.  Now I have a modern day version of Pepe in female form and perhaps deep down in my subconscious looking at all the pibbles unlocked memories that I didn't realise I had.  I had no fear of them and now I think I know why.  Pepe, you did good.

Marg, reminds me of Pepe with her brindle
I look back on those days and am thankful for the wonderful memories. I had a simple of childhood of modest means but it was carefree and happy.  But best of all I had red rubber boots, I loved my boots......

I also still love jewelry of all kinds.  I might not wear clip or plastic orange hoops anymore but I would still wear red rubber boots.  :-)

Take care

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Singles Scene

Ok folks, the auction for Bullies in Need is heating up!!  Lots more stuff added and the deadline for bids is tomorrow night, Saterday at 5pm.  I know there is a couple of items that everyone is waiting till the last minute to bid on it's going to be exciting....

Also high on the exciting list is getting goodies in the mail.  I'm a little old fasioned in that I miss getting mail but now when I do get a package whooo hooo its like Christmas.  Marg and I got an amazing collar from Fitabull. 

These collars are amazingly tough for the more athletic breeds. You also have a say in the design.  I choose the green to get a big pop from the raspberry lettering but green is also Bullies in Needs colours.  If you go to their site on Facebook you can see some of the best canine models who... ahmmm are Bullies in Need dogs...:-)!/pages/FITABULL-Bully-Tested-Tough-Neck-Gear/134232686588908

 When you have a foster you need to have them out there and seen by everyone you can.  Its like the dating scene for dogs.... they have to look and behave thier best and they have to let people know they are available.  Marg is making a statement with this beauty!!  lol 

Is anyone looking.... I have an itch...
Thank you to Fitabull for this wonderful tool to get these sillies into thier own furever homes.  Marg and I are going to be hanging around the Petsmart in Gatineau to see if she can pick

Take care