Sickness and The Ottawa Pet Expo (Not Related)

First off, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada had thier first annual pet expo.  It was a huge success.  Lots of vendors, demonstrations, and an overload of visitors!!  The rescue that Marg and I are with, Sit With Me, had a booth set up with some lovely things to sell and some of our adoptable dogs.  I brought Marg along but in the early afternoon I couldn't get close enough to the booth to say we were with them!!  There were so many people checking them out it was incredible.  While I was there I was able to get a professional picture of Marg taken thank goodness.  The rescue has been begging me for better pics of her and I'll show you some of what I've taken later they are not impressive..... Margarita has a bit of camera shyness or just can't keep her butt still enough for a decent pic.  This is the beauty that I got at the Expo.

Sqweeee love that face!!
Now here are the pics I tried to take....

Here I wanted to show she gets along with other dogs..... that didn't work out.
So they decided to move Windy was wanting that treat and Marg is just about to do some sassy talking for the treat.... yet another sad outtake.

There's more but really I won't bore you.  I have to admit I do get a laugh when I go though the goofball pics as I call them. 

Marg loves to sleep with her peeps.  So if someone has a nap on the couch she is on you like a fly on poop!!  We love it.  Here's some pics of my daughter Katie sleeping with Marg.

You will take notice that Marg has the majority of the room on the couch which is the reason she does not sleep in our bed....
Of course when she heard the camera she was immediately alerted and was debating it was worth moving around to spoil the pic.  She decided to stay where she was.
I have to add that I went to the Pet Expo with Marg for about three hours.  I made a mistake it was too long for her and I should have known.  She was wearing her muzzle (its the law in Ontario) for the whole time and in the end she was being stepped on and crowded by the hoard of people.  In the end she got grumpy.  She began to growl and bark at dogs who tried to approach her.  It's so sad because she was so friendly towards everyone she met at first.  She was overloaded!!  Frankly so was I.  So now I know two hours is her max limit in high density crowds.  She lasted more than that but to be on the safe side I would not push past two.  It's different without the muzzle and we had no place for her to chill out.

Now for the sickness.... I've been down for the count with the flu for three days now and living basically in bed.  Today I feel a little better but have no voice.  The upside to this is that the dogs get to come in bed with me.  They love it and so do I, cuddled up with the pooches.  Until today..... I guess Marg was a little bored with the sleeping routine and went exploring.  I woke up with a deer antler chewed up and goobered on below my pillow and a chewed up pen beside my head or under my chin to be correct.  Yes thats right I awoke to ink on my hand and face..... thanks Marg you never make things  She's still in puppy/adolecent phase so I had to suspect something on the third day of rest!!

It's all good, but Marg really does want to meet up with Santa this year and wish for her forever family.  She still looks out the window with that longing in her eyes.

Take care


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