It's Spring and everyone is Springing

The ice has finally melted on the pool so the pups are allowed in the full yard.  I'm paranoid of the pool when its in that thin ice time so no one is allowed back there until it melts.  The dogs were so happy to be able to do the long zoomie runs again and generally act like lunatics....
This is the two dog ball run.
Marg showing us her good side.
Ok, I get it enough pics, silly Margo

Marg has a fear of the flirt pole. She is also nervous around brooms and mops etc.... she is getting better and now likes to play with the mop while I'm using it.  We are slowly trying to get her used to the flirt pole.  In the meantime my son plays with her with rope.  Marg has experience playing with children over the age of seven and has always been gentle and considerate. 

Must catch that rope!!!
Yes!!!  I got it.....

With all the running around and playing, the pups were tired but happy when they came in as seen on the smile on Margs face below.

The cutest smiley face ever!!!!
Here's to lots more soon.

Take care


  1. Look at that tongue! AHHHH! Now THAT is a happy dog.


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