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The People and Things We Take For Granted

It's me, and I'm back, its been a whirlwind but I'll have lots to write about to catch all of yous up!

What shocked me back into writing was a story on my Face Book feed.  It wasn't all that big and could have slipped by but something about the picture drew me in.  It was an article about a lady named Lisa Myer.  

Lisa Myer lived in a small town in a wooden cabin that had no insulation and only a wood stove for heat.

   I was not surprised to see she was an antiques dealer, the house suited her.  She had a Godchild she loved very much they met every Sunday and spent holidays together.  She was also just recently a grandma and looked beaming in the pictures of her with her daughter and the little bundle of joy.

 Lisa also had a love of gardening and and created a lovely outdoor wonderland for her guests and her dogs.

   She had many dogs and all of them rescues.  She commented on one picture of her walking them, that they made waking up in the morning a joy, but that h…

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