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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The People and Things We Take For Granted

It's me, and I'm back, its been a whirlwind but I'll have lots to write about to catch all of yous up!

What shocked me back into writing was a story on my Face Book feed.  It wasn't all that big and could have slipped by but something about the picture drew me in.  It was an article about a lady named Lisa Myer.  

Lisa Myer lived in a small town in a wooden cabin that had no insulation and only a wood stove for heat.

All huddled around the fire

   I was not surprised to see she was an antiques dealer, the house suited her.  She had a Godchild she loved very much they met every Sunday and spent holidays together.  She was also just recently a grandma and looked beaming in the pictures of her with her daughter and the little bundle of joy.

 Lisa also had a love of gardening and and created a lovely outdoor wonderland for her guests and her dogs.

   She had many dogs and all of them rescues.  She commented on one picture of her walking them, that they made waking up in the morning a joy, but that her personal life was doomed.

Lisa called then her "Rat Pack" 

I didn't know Lisa personally, in fact I didn't know her until I read an article about her.  She was an Animal Rescue Advocate and was passionate about it.  I have gained all this insight from her Face Book page only. 

On August 1st Lisa took her life. 

On the day she died she was begging someone to help her save a dog slated to be euthanized.  I looked on her picture folder of pictures that she was tagged in 95% of them were people begging for help to save a dog from death.  The other 5% were of her and her grandchild. 

I can honestly say that this scares the willies out of me.  It's rescue fatigue gone on too long.  There are some that are commenting that they feel that they failed her.  As fellow rescuers we would feel that way, but really they didn't.  The people who failed her are the ones who did not spay or neuter their dog.  The ones who got tired of putting up with behaviors that the dog learned from them.  The ones who didn't like their dog once it was not a puppy.  The ones who felt the dog was too much work.  The ones who simply didn't give a rats ass about the dog in the first place. 

The rescue I foster for pulls dogs from shelters and the day goes something like this;

Go to the shelter and the shelter staff take you back to the "room" where the dogs slated to be euthanized are kept. 

The representative from our rescue evaluates the dogs and takes them outside to get a good feel for how they are, also to give them what could be their last act of kindness. 

We then let them know which ones we can try to place in fosters or other rescues and they are given a reprieve of usually a couple of days to give us some time.  One by one we try to place them but some weeks it doesn't happen.  On one occasion while sitting together chatting my colleague looked at me and said its 2:00 that Rottie mix didn't make it she has been euthanized.  This is sometimes our reality.  We let a lot of ugly things roll off our backs but its exhausting.  I can't imagine the pain this woman was in, the fact she felt so alone.

It's so important for rescues to work together not just for the good of the dogs but also to help us as humans too.  A safe place to lower the guard and cry, get angry, and vent.

May you find peace in caring for all the animals that have gone to the rainbow bridge Lisa lets hope we all learn something by your life.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ignorance is Lethal

So I've decided to get back to the gym after taking a two year break.  Yup that's right two years.  Tonight is the second time I've been back and I'm feeling pretty good about at least getting to the gym.  My workouts right now are not up to full capacity but I'm taking it slow.  Anyhooo on to whats important, I'm on my way home and I get a call from the Mister.  He informs me that the SPCA was going door to door making sure that people had their dogs licensed.  Ok, so we were tardy in getting our license this year and he fessed up.  Then the tone changed when Margarita came into view. 

You see the cost of getting a dog license in Gatineau for every dog is $30.00 per year.  Except for Pitbulls they are $100.00.  WTF!!?  Oh I'm just getting started folks.  Gatineau is right across the river from Ottawa Ontario.  In Ontario Pitbulls are banned outright.  Everyone seems to think that in Gatineau they are fine.  Ohhhh no my friends they have so many restrictions on them they might as well be banned.  As stated before they are over triple the cost to license every year.  You also have to have a sign on your premises that warns people you have a pitbull.  Then the dude tells the Mister that when we invite guests over we have to give them 48 hrs notice that we have a pitbull on premises, she has to be muzzled at all times out in public and on a leash no longer six feet.  Seriously I think I'll have a lawyer draw up a damn document for guests to sign.

It doesn't stop there, you also have to have the dog pass an obedience course that is approved by the city of Gatineau.  When I called around to training facilities around me the only one who would train Pitbulls used a choker to correct.  No effin way was I going to put Marg in that, she is very sensitive and I think she would be devastated.   Don't get me wrong I keep on her case but with positive reinforcement.  Again when I talked with the owners of some of these training places I was met with ignorance of the breed.  Its just so damn tiring after awhile. 

I'm sorry for ranting, but really I've had my fill of dumb asses that think they know the breed and really have no experience with them at all.  I have two kids and Margarita has never, ever bitten them.  You know who has bit them?  The dog that they have over at their Dads house and hes a Terrier Schnauzer mix.  I love that dog to bits but he is bitey he has even bitten the Mister!!  Marg has bit no one ever.  Yet I am being treated like I have a lethal weapon in my house. 

I would love to keep Marg she is awesome and I know its going to be a cry fest when she leaves.  But when things like this rear their ugly head I think she deserves to be in a place that appreciates her.  That doesn't propagate hate towards her.  Damn it!!! 

When you see a petition to end Breed Specific Legislation sign it, call your MP and be sure to stand up and be counted.  We can't let ignorant people exterminate this breed.  Ok I have to sign off now otherwise I'm going to blow a gasket, I'll tell you what if they try and take my foster dog they will have one hell of a verbal fight on their hands and they will have to take me with her where she goes.  I have my lawyers card at the ready motherfu*@ers.  Pathooy I just spit on the ground....

Thanks for hanging in there with this entry.  I just had to get it out.

Hang in There

Friday, 29 March 2013

HoooLeee Cow Marg is a Superstar

So Marg has been going through her teenage phase and at times it hasn't been pretty.  You see she is rather strong willed and too smart for own good.  She does listen to correction well.  We have never  had a problem calling her off or getting her to drop stuff.  She will even break a steady stare at something if you call her.  So we were hoping for the best when she started growling or yelling as some trainers put it with our dog when bones were about.  She got to the point where we could not bring her to pet stores because if another dog got near her she would bark to let them know that ALL the treats in there were hers.

Along with hogging bones she hogs the bed.... ALL MINE!!
So we have been working on this issue, and have made progress.  The first thing we did was tell her no when she started growling/barking to get the bone and if she did get it we would take it away from her.  So one day she was watching Windy chew the bone, she decided she wanted outside.  So when we opened the back door of course Windy wanted out too and he came outside.  At this point Marg darts back in the house and grabs the bone.  She then disappears in her crate which is her place to have treats.  Sneaky, and wayyyy too smart.....

Things have been considerably better with them and I even started trying to teach sit and stays with treats.  This week we hit paydirt look at the proof below.

The first sit and stay with no treats just in case she got her bossy boots tude on....

Here we have treats in front of them.  Notice that they are even looking at my daughter for permission to GO!
I know it doesn't look like much but man my heart was 100 times the normal size for the Margaroni that night.  No barking, no rushing to get it first and no growling amazing.  I think Windy is giving her the reminder with his paw over hers to tell her to

She has come so far in getting rid of her bad "tude" behaviors.  I just knew that she really wasn't aggressive she just needed some discipline and guidance.  Luckily I am with a great rescue that I can pick up the phone or send an email and express my fears and worries about her and get good suggestions to deal with things.

So to end on a light note and whats a blog entry without some sort of dog shaming .... here is Marg in her St Patties day finest.  Have I ever told you I love her....  :-)

Ummm ok, Momma can we go for our walk now.....
  Well that's my big week I hope yours was was filled with lots of lovely stuff as well.

Take Care

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Crazy Times My Friends, Crazy Times

Well hello dharllllings

It's been awhile and I apologize.  Life has been up and down and all around since I last posted.  Lets make a quick list of things that have happened:

-  I moved on December 1st to a new house.  Never again will I do that!!

-  Yet again I moved into a new house that my husband describes as "it just needs a little updating" why do I
never learn......It's been painting and construction central around here.

-  I have come down with two very nasty bugs this winter.  Man, I am like a human petri dish some days.

- Took a holiday with the family and we went to Orlando to the land of big ass amusement  parks.  Lots of fun had by all.

-  Last but not least I have been putting off my blog because I'm going through some major decisions on what happening with my fostering situation.  Some of which have left me in tears.

Exciting huh....

So lets get started, depending on when you are reading this blog either grab your coffee, wine, or Gin and Tonic as I prefer and settle in.

First of all I still have the Margster here.  Yup, Mr or Mrs right has not come along yet and she is still waiting.  I know the right person is there but we still haven't reached them yet.  I'm hoping to meet them before May of this year.

This couple filled in an application on her but we didn't think it would work out......It was a gut feeling.
The reason for this is that we decided to buy a trailer and we have it in a trailer park for the summer months.  The kids love the fact that they can have free run of the place and I'm not hovering over them.  Yes, some may say its a little trailer trashy but hey, they are having fun and the parents have get togethers around a campfire and do some socializing.  One big problem we can not bring Marg up there because its in Ontario.  Pitbulls are banned there and I'm not sure she would be welcomed.  Marg, my little Marg whom I love so dearly.

Our little shangra-la in the park..... kinda

When January came around and I was talking to the Mister about this, the full impact of what was to come dawned on me.  I would have to have Marg adopted by May or someone else was going to have to foster her.  This brought me to tears.  I didn't want to let her go and I was suffering delusions of grandeur that no one could understand my Margarita like me.  I got lost in caring for her, started to be possessive of her, I didn't want to see her go and I slipped into hibernation mode for awhile.  Of course later after I finished my ugly cry I realized I felt a similar way when I first left my daughter with a babysitter for the first time and you know what, we all survived. I also realized how damn selfish I was if I were to keep Marg.  What would happen to all the other little pains in the butts that need a soft place to land.  That was it, no more pity parties.  So I blew my nose, put on my big girl panties, and started to try to get her adopted. 

  The good thing about all of this is that my daughter loves the rescue work.  She comes to all the events with me and loves to bake for bake sales as well wrangle puppies at events.  It's something we do together and that is good with me!!  For a girl who is just turning twelve I'm so happy her life is centered around something other than boys or makeup.  Although I do have to empty her pockets out after every event to make sure we are not coming home with another animal.....

I've taken Margarita to a couple of bake sale events and had her glamor shots done.  Recently she has been a little divaish in the pet stores she barks and yells at other dogs who come near the treats that are in reach of her.  She thinks they are all hers.... we are working on this.

Here's her Valentines day photo shoot

So in this picture we see the beginnings of a goober face, but still lovely 

Here we have the pensive wistful look..... a real renaissance girl
When we take pictures of  Marg like this I have to giggle because her chest looks huuuuge.  If you meet her she is not.  She is a medium sized pittie at best. 

Of course what proud step-momma wouldn't want to show off the embarrassing pics here's my favorite from Christmas....
MMMMOM stop taking my picture!!!
She chewed the hat up that night.... what a brat.

I'll be updating more often.  Just out of curiosity are there other foster Moms out there that feel like I did?  Please share so I don't feel like a Cruella de Ville over here.

Take Care

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sickness and The Ottawa Pet Expo (Not Related)

First off, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada had thier first annual pet expo.  It was a huge success.  Lots of vendors, demonstrations, and an overload of visitors!!  The rescue that Marg and I are with, Sit With Me, had a booth set up with some lovely things to sell and some of our adoptable dogs.  I brought Marg along but in the early afternoon I couldn't get close enough to the booth to say we were with them!!  There were so many people checking them out it was incredible.  While I was there I was able to get a professional picture of Marg taken thank goodness.  The rescue has been begging me for better pics of her and I'll show you some of what I've taken later they are not impressive..... Margarita has a bit of camera shyness or just can't keep her butt still enough for a decent pic.  This is the beauty that I got at the Expo.

Sqweeee love that face!!
Now here are the pics I tried to take....

Here I wanted to show she gets along with other dogs..... that didn't work out.
So they decided to move Windy was wanting that treat and Marg is just about to do some sassy talking for the treat.... yet another sad outtake.

There's more but really I won't bore you.  I have to admit I do get a laugh when I go though the goofball pics as I call them. 

Marg loves to sleep with her peeps.  So if someone has a nap on the couch she is on you like a fly on poop!!  We love it.  Here's some pics of my daughter Katie sleeping with Marg.

You will take notice that Marg has the majority of the room on the couch which is the reason she does not sleep in our bed....
Of course when she heard the camera she was immediately alerted and was debating it was worth moving around to spoil the pic.  She decided to stay where she was.
I have to add that I went to the Pet Expo with Marg for about three hours.  I made a mistake it was too long for her and I should have known.  She was wearing her muzzle (its the law in Ontario) for the whole time and in the end she was being stepped on and crowded by the hoard of people.  In the end she got grumpy.  She began to growl and bark at dogs who tried to approach her.  It's so sad because she was so friendly towards everyone she met at first.  She was overloaded!!  Frankly so was I.  So now I know two hours is her max limit in high density crowds.  She lasted more than that but to be on the safe side I would not push past two.  It's different without the muzzle and we had no place for her to chill out.

Now for the sickness.... I've been down for the count with the flu for three days now and living basically in bed.  Today I feel a little better but have no voice.  The upside to this is that the dogs get to come in bed with me.  They love it and so do I, cuddled up with the pooches.  Until today..... I guess Marg was a little bored with the sleeping routine and went exploring.  I woke up with a deer antler chewed up and goobered on below my pillow and a chewed up pen beside my head or under my chin to be correct.  Yes thats right I awoke to ink on my hand and face..... thanks Marg you never make things  She's still in puppy/adolecent phase so I had to suspect something on the third day of rest!!

It's all good, but Marg really does want to meet up with Santa this year and wish for her forever family.  She still looks out the window with that longing in her eyes.

Take care

Friday, 5 October 2012

Wishing and Waiting

Mama will my furever family come soon?
Yes Marg your perfect match will come someday, and you will have new peoples to take care of and love.  You just have to be patient.

Really Mama!!!  Ohhhh I can't wait, they come really soon right? 
 When the time is right my love, they will come.  You will be the sunshine in that special someones eyes.  I promise.

Take Care

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Marg and the Mister

My Mister has a new woman in his life...... yup its Marg!

Two of the foster people who have taken Marg for a weekend have mentioned she can be shy of men.  Now that I think back she did take longer to warm up to the Mister than the rest of us.  But now that she has gotten over her shyness with him this is the result....

Please no flash I'm trying to sleep!!
Yaaa right there, thats the spot....
Seriously Dad really?  The things I do for a laugh.
Wheeee big love from Dad!!
I think Marg gets over her shyness with lots of affection and just a little time.