Marg and the Mister

My Mister has a new woman in his life...... yup its Marg!

Two of the foster people who have taken Marg for a weekend have mentioned she can be shy of men.  Now that I think back she did take longer to warm up to the Mister than the rest of us.  But now that she has gotten over her shyness with him this is the result....

Please no flash I'm trying to sleep!!
Yaaa right there, thats the spot....
Seriously Dad really?  The things I do for a laugh.
Wheeee big love from Dad!!
I think Marg gets over her shyness with lots of affection and just a little time.



  1. She's so cute! Once my little girl Braylon got over her fear of men she became so bonded to my boyfriend I still hardly believe it. I joke that she thinks she's in a relationship with him and she thinks my role is just to clean the house and take care of everyone!

    1. Seriously your right once they start lovin it's a fierce love for sure!! Crazy


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