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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Taking Time to Smell..... Everything

Normally when walking the dogs I walk.  Like really fast paced walk and no stopping except for pee or poo breaks.  I'm trying to get them used to not becoming lunatics of Love as I put it when they meet people or other dogs.  You know the behaviour, crazy jumping, lunging, barking and generally looking like they are out of their minds..... when in reality they are just looking to meet you or your dog, rather rudely, but none the less friendly.

I decided to let Marg have a stop and smell walk the other day.  She was in bliss.  We stopped to smell the grass, puddles, assorted signs, the air, and anything else she could come across.  For a walk that was only one street long it sure took awhile.....  here of some pics of her super nose at work in the back yard.

There are some hazards of having super nose for a dog.  I discovered many holes in the backyard and the remains of a dead mole!!  Yikes.
Hmmmm Smelling something good....

Diggin holes.....
All dogs smell things that's a fact, but this little Lady smells a lot!!  She would really enjoy a Tracking class or some sort of detection lessons in the future. She has already proved her skills catching a mouse and a mole ...... ick.

Take Care

Monday, 16 April 2012

New Treat Dispenser and String Butt....

Fostering a dog with medium energy needs and smarts like crazy, I am always hunting for new toys or treat dispensers.   Marg is extremely intelligent so when left alone and bored you can be sure she will get herself into some sort of trouble.  We have the Kong for whenshe is in the crate she can gnaw away trying to get the treats out while I'm gone.  But for fun play I discovered an amazing new treat dispenser from Bionic.

The link will give you all the details but I can say Marg is a pitbull and Windy is a Lab mix and they have yet to even put a dent in this thing.  They have even used it as a pull toy one on each end pulling for all thier worth.  Everything they say is true on the website and as a bonus it floats.  (I have an in ground pool)  Awesome toy, I will be checking out the other products they have in this line. 

I bought mine at Critter Jungle located 1405 Carling Ave in the Hampton Park Plaza.  The owners actually went to a trade show in Florida and scoped out whats new and hot in the pet trade this year.  Its a great place to shop for what all the "hip" pets are wanting this season.  
Ohhhh yes now we are on to the string butt story...... hope your not eating.  Marg has a string toy that she loves to chew and I now know to eat!!  This morning while have my coffee I see her running frantically and dragging her butt.  The first thought is OMG she has worms.  When I take a closer look I see the problem she has a string hanging out of her.  Gag, cough, blacchhh.  So I do what any half crazed dog owner does grabs the paper towel......ichhhh  I'm chasing her around the kitchen while shes trying to run she is dragging her butt at this point I'm starting to laugh because I'm nervous and thinking this is 

I finally get a ahold of her and am trying to pull gentle cause I don't know if I'm going to hurt her while she keeps scootching her bum so I can't get at it.  I'm thinking Marg this is disturbing me as much as its disturbing you ok so lets get this over with.  So with her between my legs I finally get ahold of the business end and luckily it was short and came out.  She looked so relieved and so was I.  Yuckkkk hope that never happens again.... I'm still giggling about the visual of her trying to run and stopping to drag her  I'm sure you are thank full that I have no pics of this.  I'll spare you the visuals.

Hang in there everyone


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It's Spring and everyone is Springing

The ice has finally melted on the pool so the pups are allowed in the full yard.  I'm paranoid of the pool when its in that thin ice time so no one is allowed back there until it melts.  The dogs were so happy to be able to do the long zoomie runs again and generally act like lunatics....
This is the two dog ball run.
Marg showing us her good side.
Ok, I get it enough pics, silly Margo

Marg has a fear of the flirt pole. She is also nervous around brooms and mops etc.... she is getting better and now likes to play with the mop while I'm using it.  We are slowly trying to get her used to the flirt pole.  In the meantime my son plays with her with rope.  Marg has experience playing with children over the age of seven and has always been gentle and considerate. 

Must catch that rope!!!
Yes!!!  I got it.....

With all the running around and playing, the pups were tired but happy when they came in as seen on the smile on Margs face below.

The cutest smiley face ever!!!!
Here's to lots more soon.

Take care