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Friday, 24 February 2012

Almost There and Other Things About Marg

Yesterday was a great day in the progress to have the ban lifted on our pibbles.  Happy to report that Bill 16 has passed its second reading and is now on to the next phase.  While this is happening it is imperative that we still let our MP know that we support it.  If we don't, it runs the risk of never making it foreword.

Now more about Marg.....

 Marg is a major bed hog.  She doesn't just spoon you she plops herself down on you and then stretches out her legs plank like so while my husband gets her personal pillow treatment I get her paws in my face and stomach.  If you decide to roll over on her she doesn't move she just continues sleeping.

Marg likes to kiss boys....
Marg is always playing bitey face with Windy it usually ends with her giving him kisses all over his face and ears.  I've more than once went to pet Windy and ended up with slobbery hands from her just giving him goober kisses.

Marg is a social butterfly...

I have taken Marg to my husbands place of work and mine and she has never shown any fear or rude behaviors.  She just loves meeting people and they seem to like meeting her.  What most people don't know is that this is a breed standard for the Pitbull, what they should be like if they are healthy and well socialized.

Marg looooves HoneyDew Melon....
She was in heaven this day I tell you!!  She loves chomping away on the melon.  This  let me know she has a "soft mouth" if she got to close to the fingers a quick human yelp and she backed off immediatley.  She also shared with Windy which I was so proud of her for doing.

Marg really likes cats.....

But some cats don't appreciate her requests to play.  She has a little scratch on her nose from one cat that was not up for chase and bark play..... Thats ok, she still tries.

I have a friend that used to breed German Shepards and she has met Marg and checked her out her comment was that Marg was a solid dog.  Well socialized and great temperment.  Of course we already knew that because she had passed the Bullies in Need tests, but its always nice to be flattered.  Marg deserves it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sharing Some Love and Nocternal Alligators

Today was amazing.  I was invited to set up a table at my husbands workplace and have a doggie bake sale.  It was a smashing success!!  With the help of Ms Paula, Ms Lyne as well as the Mister we made over $110.00 for the chip in acct.  Also the very generous employees of Public Works for buying treats and some who didn't have dogs donating money.  Our table looked amazing if I do say so myself....

Campbell helped out before he had to leave for a Doctors appt.

Looking sharp!!
Best of all was the feeling of support I felt from everyone who asked questions and wanted to know more about Bullies in Need.  One person even seemed very interested in fostering.  Fingers crossed she sends an email!!  There was even some talk of letting other rescues set up a table for the next bake sale and allowing all of us a turn.  Ms Paula fosters for Birch Haven Rescue.  I think I'll rent out Katie and Campbell as helpers.....

Now I have to discuss the issue I seem to be having with alligators invading my house while I'm not looking.  Here is evidence that they have been around and doing some damage....

leg of the coffee table

the TV remote......

back of chair one
edge of wood basket
back of chair two

See the red ski boot on your left it was dragged downstairs by them, heyyyyy Marg why are you so interested in that boot.......hmmmm
Those pesky alligators I guess I'm lucky I've heard horror stories of  furniture actually destroyed  by them.  I wonder if I could train Marg to keep them from doing more damage...... ahhhh the joys of fostering.  I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

Take care

Friday, 10 February 2012

Bathtime and the Bucketlist

I did it!!  I drove the kids to school in my PJ's and skidoo boots this morning.  Even better I did not comb my hair and I looked like a wild woman because the kids were fighting in the backseat and I was getting worked up.  It felt liberating, it was something every Mom should put on their bucket list. It's not often us working Moms get the privilege of driving the kids to school without taking off to work right after.  I'm going to savour the look of horror on the faces of my kids, as I threatened to get out of the car to kiss them goodbye if they did not stop fighting.  Its small but ohhhhh so satisfying and I'll giggle every time I think about it and that is a good thing.  When I got home I thought I would take a picture to capture the moment of course the dogs had to get in on it.....

Very easy slip on slip off footware compliments the Joe Fresh PJ's nicely.
Now, I promised to discuss Margs bath time hatred..... yup this pup does not like the tub.  Unfortunately when shes wrestling and bitey facing Windy she gets stinky, verrrry stinky.  In the bath she goes.  My last foster Ella (formerly Kayla) did not like baths either but she became a shivering little leaf and acted like she was going to melt.  Marg does not shiver like a leaf and certainly doesn't act like she going to melt she jumps, climbs and generally tries to bulldoze her way out of the tub.  That's my girl, no holds barred get me out of here

Hmmmm if I quickly put my paw on the ledge I can hop out anytime.....

Mamma, I'm so done here, anytime now you can finish, I'm so not speaking to you for 5 seconds when I'm out of here!!!

Lets see what can I chew for retaliation for this.......
Then when its all over she runs around like a lunatic acting all happy like.  Shes a character all right. 

The cookie baking is going well.  The Mister took some to work with him and they all sold!!  I can't wait till I get some feedback on how their pups liked them.  Also his work is having a bake sale on Valentines day and they have allowed me to set up a table to sell more dog treats!!  It's so exciting and I'm so grateful to them for this.  The kids are going to have to be put back to work to cook up another couple of batches the night before I can't wait.

Just remember my motto "the action may be small but when you put a number of small actions together you get something great"

Till next time

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Looking for Puppy, and Making Treats

It happened, and it was devastating.  The Margster flew out the front door behind her bad example foster brother and got lost.  She was gone for an half an hour and it was nerve wracking.  I could hear her barking and almost found her when she suddenly stopped.  That's when panic set in and I ran home for the car.  After giving myself CPR (I haven't run like that in over a year) I got a phone call asking if Marg was missing.  It was some kind soul who told me the story of Bullies in Need getting a call of a lost dog, and that the grand poobah head Bully Mama was on her way.  My heart sunk, embarrassment and disappointment in myself.  On the up side I went and picked her up she was fine.  She startled the hosts a bit at first but then quickly had them warming up to her.  I figured out she had stopped barking because she was being fed a free dinner!!

After getting her home I called the Grand Poobah Head Bully Mama and let her know all was well.  She reassured me these things happen and then promptly gave me some training tips on how to keep the beasts from darting out of the house.  I treat my dogs like two year children, at that age they are still cute as a button but need a ton of guidance and structure.  That's my job and when something goes wrong Mother guilt kicks  I'm recovering nicely from the mild heart attack and the pups are learning to sit and stay when the door opens.  I'll keep you posted.
Nappy time Mamma, lots of running and full belly it was a great adventure
On a happier note, my children (Katie and Campbell) and I are baking doggie treats to raise funds for Bullies in Need.  We recently had two surgeries back to back and the piggy bank is empty now.  Vet bills are large!!  We finished the peanut butter nohmmmies and next is the veal liver treats.  I like to use organ meats in my treats because they are nutrient rich and a little treat goes a long way.  I'll be in Ottawa tomorrow delivering to some people so if your interested let me know we can arrange something.  They are four dollars a bag and the treats are small enough you can use them for training.  If you do buy them remember they are made with fresh meat so treat them like human food if not eaten in a couple of days please freeze them.  Here we have evidence of child labour .....
Campbell, working his kitchen magic
Katie making cookies with her helper Windy ....
Marg helping out by catching all the flour with her
Never a dull moment!! 

Take care

Friday, 3 February 2012

Something Wonderful our Little Girl the Margster

Today I witnessed something wonderful about Marg.  She has patience with uncivilised dogs!!  I am currently dog sitting my ex-husbands dog while he takes our son to a hockey tournament.  I shouldn't say just his dog it is also my children's dog.  His name is Scamp and he is a Schnauzer Terrier Mix.  Cute beyond words but is under socialized and grumpy with other dogs as well as with some humans.  Out of all three dogs I am taking care of this weekend a pitbull, a pitbull wanna be, and this cutie people should be fearful of the cute thing with a baaaaad attitude..... lol
You wanna piece of me, huh, huh
He does have a lovely personality just don't piss him off.  Needless to say Marg has been all over him to play and the growls and general hissyfits have been happening.  He doesn't bite but Scamp does sound nasty.....  Marg being who she is, will not give up and also has never gotten angry back.  It's a good thing because she is bigger than he is right  You can tell she's itching to play and Scamp has no idea what the the hell she is doing to him.  So he looks like hes going to take her head off with his barking and hissyfitting.  But, today, this morning outside while I was watching them Marg had him playing!!!  Scamp is misunderstood, he wants to play but has no idea how and Marg of all puppies had the patience and stubbornness temperament to hang in there with him.  I almost had tears in my eyes. 

I'm ok step Mama, I know I'm safe now, but I still think the rude girl is crazy.....

 Just another thing to love about our wonderful girl Margster.  Next post we will be exploring the fact that Marg hates baths..... 

Are you finished yet!!!???
Until next time take care.