Margarita the Urban Dog

My family and I had one last camping trip to close up the trailer last weekend and we needed someone to watch Marg for us. 

Our new foster person Lara was going to be taking her.  I had no worries leaving Marg with Lara at all.  She liked Marg and Marg liked her and her son.  I also knew she felt comfortable because within 5 minutes of being there she was making herself at home on the couch!!  Sassy Marg.....

Yup I think Marg liked Lara....

Marg had a great experience being a young hip urban dog and she passed with flying colours.  She was walked in the downtown core and did not have any adverse moments.  Although I think she pulled a little more on the leash than usual trying to get in all the smells and people around by the sounds of things. 

Lara took Marg into her place of work and she was well behaved and calm at least in the pictures she 

Ummm Yes can I help you??
Phew thank goodness for break time!!
Marg even got to know Laras son and they got along amazingly.  This just lets me know she can adapt to different children and not just my own. 

Yaa hoo playing on the bed my favorite!!
Marg never ceases to surprise me in how easy she can adapt and thrive in many different living accommodations.  This girl is da bomb!!  People, I don't know why she has not been adopted yet.  She has graced our house for nine months and we both have been on a learning curve.  She was my first experience with a puppy..... yikes I learnt some hard lessons but I've come to love her the more for it.  She is not going to be easy to say goodbye to but I know she needs a permanent home with her own people to love. 

I will be posting more frequently about Marg because I really do believe she is the best darn dog in my life, and I believe in her 100%.  So stay tuned for more Marg adventures!!

Take Care


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