Backyard Camping With the Family

Marg had a wonderful opportunity this weekend to deal with lots of people in one place.  My immediate family came up for a visit and we all had a great time, especially  Marg.  Here are the following things I learnt about Marg this weekend.

1 - Marg looooves little kids.  I have an 18 month old nephew and Marg was lovin him up.  (sometimes too much)  She even put up with toddler petting and a tiny bit of a tail pull with no problems.  There was constant supervision by adults around the dogs.

My Mom and Nephew getting some special Marg lovin

Mmmmm I luv the freezie tasting kid!!!

2- Marg was a model dog around running and screaming kids.  She did not chase, nip, or bark.  So easy going in the excited crowd. 

3- If you have a pool she will not jump in.  I always found it dangerous to have dogs that jumped in the pool with out being invited.  This is no problem for Marg she has no desire to get in the pool

4- Marg is a campfire dog.  She had such a busy day by the time the campfire came along she curled up beside my daughter and passed out in the heat. 

Can you spot the tired out dog???
Marg would be a great camping companion.  She does bark at squirrels and chase flies with a little brushing up on leash manners she would be beyond great.  I'm amazed at how calm she is around running kids, for a ten month old pup she passed this test with flying colours Yeaaaa Marg!!!!

Take Care


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