Beaconsfield Pet Fair

A week ago the family and I went to the Beconsfield Pet Fair. Its a pet fair for rescue animals, this was my first time and I was impressed.  Very well organised and lots of rescue animals in attendance!!  I decided to take along the Mister and the kids because I figure fostering is a family affair on a daily basis so we should all take part in the events as well.  Not really a hard sell to the kids they were looking foreword to seeing all of the cats and dogs.

We got there early and help set up the tent for Bullies in Need.  There was time for us to look around and we discovered they had those things you stick your head in to take pictures for pets.  Too funny, we couldn't resist getting one as Marg pretending to be a skunk.

There was a professional photographer Simone Fauque taking pictures and she was kind enough to take Margs picture and let me use them in my blog.  Here the link to their Facebook profile you should check out all of the pictures she took that day. some awesome work as you can see below.

Like how much cuter can you get!!!

Check out her tag, I love this picture of her.
Ok, I'm a little biased on the cuteness factor here..... I have one last picture to show you.  It's of Harvard the youngest of our adoptables at Bullies in Need.  Please prepare yourself for this lil guy, he caused a commotion where ever he went due to extreme over the top adorableness......

I mean really this guy takes the cake!! 

Everyone had a great day it was very hot and long for our pups even goofy Marg had a grumpy moment at the end of all the activities, we took her home and she slept for a good 12 hrs!!!  She met soooo many new people and other dogs and she was very well behaved and took it all in stride.  She does very well in crowds.  At the end of the day they had a catwalk set up for our fosters to walk down so everyone could take a look and find out about who was up for adoption.  Marg did very well even loving up the young children that approached the stage to see her.  That's our Marg the lover!!  :-)

Don't forget that if your interested in adopting just look us up on the web   and drop us a line!!

Take care


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