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Monday, 30 January 2012

Need Some Furniture Movers? More About Margarita

Today I was in my craft room and could hear the dogs playing nice.  No bad growls just romping fun.  When I walk out of the craft room I see this in the living room!!
Hi Mamma, I'm just resting here why do you look to gumpish....
Huh, whats up, I think I smell bacon, is that squirrel outside? 

Yup the love seat is supposed to be where the end table is and the cushions are on the floor.  These dogs are talented they did this all themselves..... brats. 

Ok, a word about my furniture, I have two active kids and a cat as well as depending on the day numerous dogs.  I have inherited these love seats from relatives who kept saying "but its good quality furniture" when they pawned  generously gave it to me.  So I slip cover them and it's all good.  It covers the ugly and keeps everyone and everything clean.  I am currently washing the covers so that's why the ugly has come out of the closet so to speak.  Until the kids stop spilling its slipcovers all the way for the reason as seen below.

Nope, I didn't do nothin....
You'll notice a stain behind Marg its from the runaway chocolate ice cream cone.  My son has no idea how it fell, poor guy he got the misbehaving type of ice cream I guess....

I have some other observations about the Senorita to share. 

1- She does not like being on her back when picked up. 

2- She can be dominant but not in a bad way.  If properly trained and with an owner that recognises this, she is a lovely dog.  She has in no way shown negative dominate traits.

3- She is good with kids, but like all dogs should be supervised around children. I recently read an article where kids just don't get dog safety even after lessons.

4- Marg is big and will get bigger.  This does not mean you have to train with force.  She should know who the boss is and she is fine.

5- She is loyal and likes to pick one person to bond with.  She is friendly to everyone in our home but its me who she lays on in the evenings or naps on my head when I lay on the couch.

6- She loves to be around people and craves human companionship.  When I go to my craft room she usually lies at my feet and farts snoozes away.  Except when her and Windy decide to redecorate......
You know theres trouble when ;you see this at the top of the stairs.....

7- She gets along with cats and dogs.
You will notice the orange ball on the chair its our grumpy cat Charleau.

8- She has soft fur.  The top of her head is like velvet so relaxing to pet when watching the

9- She is good with her food, I can take her bowl away from her mid chew and not even a whimper.  I have also taken foreign objects that should not be in her mouth out and again no problem.

10- Last but not least she is house trained!!!!  Yea for her no more accidents. 

I adore this pup, shes got some spunk and she is obedient as well .  A good catch if I do say so myself....


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Great Fundraiser for BIN and Hidden Treats

Good day all!!

The last post I talked about a locally owned pet store that I like to frequent.  Now being the dog spoiler that I am I have another favourite I like to visit as well.  This one is Global Pet Foods in Hintonburg on Wellington, they too usually have a rescue hanging around and they have regular customers that come in and the staff know them and their pooches by name.  I like to think of it as the pet store equivalent to the bar in the series Cheers.  They also have a great relationship with the "hood" they are located in.  When one of their employees had bad injuries due to a tree falling on her there was a fundraiser done for her at the Elmdale Tavern just down the road.  Hintonburg is a tight knit neighbourhood that cares.  They even had a funeral service at the Elmdale as well for the Kentucky Fried Chicken that closed down ..... anyways.... I digress.

All this to say that from February 1st to the 14th you can show your love to Bullies In Need by donating a dollar the store will match it.  As well by donating $5.00 you get 10 bonus Air Miles.  So show some louvvvve to Bullies and check them out!!  You never know I may be there with the Senorita Margarita and you could even get some kisses from her.... I'll make sure she didn't drink out of the toilette that morning.  :-)

Smmmoootchies..... this is my come hither
If you do come down for pibble kisses Margs will probably be sweet smelling.  You see I'm one of those mom's that buy Christmas presents early and then forget about some of them that I've hidden around the house.  Its seems super nose here found a giant pixie stick I bought for the kids socks that never made it out.  It was in my closet in the bedroom.  I should know better than put stuff there its like the black hole of this house I'm sure it also sucks up socks.  I hear Marg and Windy chewing on something together....
In front is a regular straw that's how big this thing is, and you'll notice the chew marks on both ends.  On the up side they were sharing and they didn't have it long enough to really get into it.  On the down side the Mister hinted around that I really should put on my spacesuit and attack the black hole of our closet.... I reluctantly agreed. 

This is where I found Marg a bit later....
Under my bed, which she will not fit under anymore shortly I think we may see the day where she may get stuck under there.  What a nut!!

Take care

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Jammies for Margo

Like Ella (formerly Kayla) I like to take Margarita wherever I can.  It's important for me to get the pooches socially ready for anything while they are in my care.  I mentioned the other night to the Mister we have become one of "those dog people" who take their dogs everywhere.  He just sighed and agreed I'm telling you he has the patience of a saint!!  Anyhow back to my story....

I took Margo out to Critter Jungle for some treats and nail clippers.  Now if you ever wanted to socialise your dog this is the place.  They usually have at least one rescue dog hanging around and the staff really so enjoy the company of your pets.  It's always an adventure when we visit.  So nail clippers bought and treats in the bag we are getting ready to go when I mentioned I was looking for some PJ's for Margo.  The Lady who was serving us was Ms. G from New Beginnings Rescue.  She brought out a pair for donation for Margo and they were the sweetest things ever.  (even sweeter that they were donated, thanks Critter Jungle)
Doesn't she look so sweet in her Pink Flower PJ's?  Now I know Ms G didn't want to be in the picture but I had to include her.  She does so much for rescues she deserves some credit.  Oh and I know I'm going to get it the next time I'm in the "Jungle".  :-)

Take care and keep those pups warm!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wayward Flights, and Mice

Buckle up kids I have plenty to share today!! 

First is Kayla, now renamed Ella Bleu (which is a name I love by the way). She has finally made it to her forever family out west.  Not before being sent to the wrong city by the airline!!!  Of course she charmed all the employees that cared for her on her wild adventure.  With her new family worrying and waiting for her in the proper city, she finally made it home.  According to her new Mom she was very happy when she landed and there were people asking what kind of dog she was because she was so sweet, her new Mamma proudly said she was a Pit Bull.  She now has a very large piece of land to run like a crazy pup, and kids and cats to love.  Good for you Ella live it up!
Yesterday I was with my Son at a hockey game and the Mister went and picked up Katie.  They headed home while I was waiting for Campbell to finish getting dressed.  I finally get home and Katie is all excited about how Campbell clogged the toilette.  (that's a whole other blog) She asked me to check it out, oooookay you want me to look at crap..... literally.  Off I go and open the lid to see a dead mouse with its head torn off floating around.... what the hell!!!

I was then told the tale of what happened by Katie and again by the Mister I'll mesh the two together....

Katie and the Mister get home and Katie let Margarita out of her crate.  Margo then runs downstairs to pester Windy.  Katie hears Windy growling at Margo so she heads down to see whats going on.... she sees them tugging on a what she thinks is a cat toy, you know those little feather covered mice that look sort of real....

She takes it out of Windy's mouth and sees its just the head Margo has the body, she starts to really look at it and sees that there is pink and red on the inside and she slowly realises what this is a REAL mouse head!!!!  She then started shrieking and yelling so loud the Mister came flying downstairs, there was Katie standing in front of the bathroom sink in hysterics yelling for the Mister to wash her hand.  First the Mister tried to calm her because her yelling was so loud he thought the neighbours would call the authorities.  Katie then was yelling for him to wash her hand, the mister is telling her that she can wash her own hand and Katie's answer is that she doesn't want to touch her hand..... ummm being a Man the Mister simply states well your hand already touched it and that set her off again.... funny in a not so funny way.

So when I got home all was calm and the two pieces of the mouse in the toilette and the mess on the rug was left for me to clean up.  Oh and also there were two guilty looking dogs skulking around.  I have no idea how they got it but man, they better not do that again!

Huh, I'm not so sure they look guilty here....

Until next time...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

She Returns!!

The infamous Senorita Margarita has returned.  She is a little bigger and a little (I mean little) calmer.  She has had some tuneups from her stay with another foster Momma about crate training and I will carry these on. 

Adorable, mischievous, smart (too smart), and a cuddle bug these are just a few words I would use to describe Marg.  She is able to focus as well as my two year old pit bull wanna be Windy.  Soon she will be surpassing him but don't diss the Windy guy, he makes up for it in his calm and kind disposition.  She is busy, very busy, she can find her way into many messes that's for sure.  One look into her bright eyes and you can't help but be understanding of her behaviour.  I understand yes, but she still gets corrected.  If the Senorita got away with everything she would be running the house in about half a day. 

She's been here for four days and here are some of our adventures:

Awwe Mamma, how come the kitty gets a box with magic sand and treasures...
You will notice the white on her nose its clumping cat litter.  She still has a taste for the "kitty treats"  ewwe

This is the end result of a little nibble on my son's hockey tape.... She saw me coming when she had this in her mouth she jumped up on the couch dropped the tape and then decided to plop down on top of it like she was going to have a nap.  Uh huh, she's a whippersnapper alright.
But Mamma it felt so good chewing on that my teeth were bugging me!
I left the door open to the craft multipurpose room and this is what I found ...
Ohhhh hello there, whats up? I'm just hangin out.....
Really, I am enjoying this little lady.  She is tough and smart.  As she gets older I'm sure with love and training this girl is headed for great things.  She also has personality coming out the whaazoo.  The person who decides to add her to their family will be definitely adding some spice, love, and joy into their home.
Gotta go, smell ya later!
Just a quick update on Kayla, she is going to be flying out tomorrow to see her furever family I'm sooooo excited for her.

Take care

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our Little Bird Has Left the Nest

It happened, our first foster has left for a wonderful life with her furever family.  I had such mixed emotions yesterday I waited until today to express them.

Kayla getting ready to be a ski bunny.
The first was fear, fear of the unknown, would I turn into a blubbering mess when I brought her to start her journey to her new life?  Would I be strong and keep that smile on my face?  Or, there was the third option of pulling a Thelma and Louise and riding off on a great adventure just the two of us, but the end of that movie didn't appeal to me so I choose to be an hour late delivering her and we did the rounds visiting everyone who wanted to say good-bye.  I made of point of bringing Kayla out into the world to meet anyone she could.  She was an amazing ambassador for the breed and everyone  who met her loved her.  (or at least liked Thank goodness her temporary foster Mamma was patient with me.

Kayla saying goodbye to my sister at her work. 
   In the end I kept the smile on my face until I left.  I shed a few tears but not many.  I know shes going to have a wonderful life in a place she can run like the wind!! 

Now I feel relief.  Relief that this phase of fostering has been completed, and for the next one I'll have some experience to fall back on.  Also a sense of relief that Kayla is going to be safe and loved.  Her furever family is waiting and I can't wait to see pictures of her livin it up!!

Of course I wasn't the only one that dealt with her leaving the Mister is going to miss her as well.  She is such a good puppy he was sad to see her go as well.

Note where Kayla is in this crazy  snuggled right in.
 My children handled it amazingly.  We have experienced a few pet losses and they were very sad, at least in this case they know she is going on to have a good life.  Not up in heaven waiting in line to get in with the rest of the dead animals..... my son was 6 when our cat got hit my a car in front of our home.  It was traumatic for him and later that night we were talking he asked if wild animals went to heaven as well.  I replied yes.  His next question was as horrifying as it was funny, he asks so when they get to heaven are they still squished?  Yup our of the mouths of babes....

Kayla loved when the kids wore fleecy PJ'
I haven't been fostering long but I have my general system of what I like to do.  I treat the dogs like my kids.  They need love, discipline and to learn life lessons.  My job as a parent of children or animals is to prepare them for life outside of my home.  To make them well rounded beings that can function and thrive in general society.  I may come across as a little soft sometimes but I have my limits and in a kind and gentle way (ok, when they do something really stupid I may raise my voice.... ) I let them know that's just not cool.  It may not be up to some standards but I try and I'm always open to suggestions and lessons.

All that being said on Kaylas last night here she and Windy got into some naughtiness.  I took the cover off the dog bed to wash it.  The pillow underneath is not very strong and I made the mistake of leaving it on the floor..... this is what we saw when we checked in on them

RIP Big Dog Bed....
 This is when I raise my 

Happy trails Kayla we will always have a place in our hearts and your picture on the wall.  We started a wall for fosters, the kids like it and so do we!  Kayla, you make sure your furever family keeps us updated on your wonderful life.

Miss you and Love ya
Sonia and Family

Monday, 9 January 2012

You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth!!

It seems that a couple of the sillies that were or are here have discovered the hor'dourves offered up by our grumpy cat Monsieur Charleau.  Yes, Windy and Margarita discovered the litter box and were helping themselves to the nuggets available.  Yaaackkk, phllaaaaattt, gag  Not sure what they were eating I wandered over and discovered clumping cat litter sticking to the moist areas around the mouth..... if I wasn't so busy gagging I would have taken a picture.  What do you do in this case?  You ask them to drop but really its all mushed in there..... OK I won't go on.  I've been told it's not going to do them any harm, although the clumping kitty litter should be kept to a minimum.  Any info on that from anyone would be appreciated. 

Things have been very tranquil around here.  Margarita has been visiting another foster Mamma for a bootcamp in manners as well to let Kayla have a rest.  Kayla has been doing fantastic I've never seen her so energetic, it's  lovely to see.  The only issue we have now is a minor one and it's licking her paws.  She has five and a half doses of medicine left and she is done.  She came through like a champ!! 

Kayla is the diva of the couch when it comes to napping.  I've captured some serious negotiations going on .....
Woaaa La!!  What do you think your up to Margarita?

Kayla - Here are the rules that you must follow when on my couch, blah blah waaa waa blahhh.
Margo - OMG Like does she have to be such a frickin diva all the time Pleeeease get over it!!


Kayla may be a Diva but she's nice about it.  Kayla will have a pamper night tonight a full bath to make her all smelly nice she may be having a big day tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.


Monday, 2 January 2012

A Night at the Movies and the Lack of Chaos (Margarita)

Hey there I know its two posts in one day but I have some things to bring up.  First is the screening of Beyond the Myth here in Ottawa.  Its playing at the Mayfair theatre on January 22nd.  They need more advance ticket sales to have the screening.  It's an amazing movie that really needs to be seen to help overturn this crazy BSL in Ontario.  Not only should Bully lovers attend but they should try to bring someone who really does believe in the myths out there to show them the truth.  Here's the link please purchase tickets!!

Now for the lack of chaos around here..... we dropped Margarita off with another foster Mamma today.  Even though we may get her back later on depending on the situation at the time, it was still sad.  She was in the car and I could see her peeking over the seat looking at us (the Mister and I) and as I walked away, a little pull at the heartstrings.
A very tired puppy....

Ahemmm walk now please.

Excuse me! I don't want to walk there.
 She is looking for her furever family and she is really smart.  Too smart sometimes.... she once nipped Windy's butt when he was eating, then when he turned to see what was going on she ran around and ate his food.  No dust on  She was wonderful with the kids, being a puppy she was crazy active but that will pass.  Also too cute for words even when shes being bratty .... miss you silly.
Love her antennae... :-)
Take care

Ya Hoooo Kayla's on the Mend

I had a wonderful sight this morning as I watched the dogs play outside, Kayla was tearing around the yard chasing the puppy!!  I know she is supposed to take it easy but I couldn't resist watching her in full action she looked like she was in her glory.  She is on the mend thank goodness.  We still have about two weeks of antibiotics and another vet visit but fingers crossed she just keeps getting better.  Right now shes approx 31 lbs of loving action... she's going to be mad that I gave away her weight... She has a vet appt coming up so I'll have all the deets from that to share soon.

Kayla has been licking her feet lately and she has one in the back that seems to be bugging the most (although it didn't seem to be an issue this morning).  I have been having a hard time getting the two ladies outside for pee breaks and mentioned this to the vet she suggested throwing a bit of kibble out side to intice them.  Its worked and they look like little pigs looking for

Sniff, sniff, sniff....
 As for her feet we have been giving her foot soaks with epsome salts to help it was my daughters task to take care of that.  Of course the bathtub is the last place she wants to be....
Mamma why did you do this to me.....

This look should work on the Katie girl to get me out of here....
 I think the soaks are helping but she still seems to be licking so I had to resort to the baby sock treatment....

Oh. the. shame.
 For the next two weeks we are going to try to keep her resting and relaxed giving her body the down time it needs to repair herself.  The puppy is going to another foster home for awhile so Kayla will be the main focus.  But the little firecracker may be back....

The Dude hanging out with the girlies.
 So for now Kayla is getting getting better and being prepared for her potential furever family  This girl is ready for some crazy runs in big yards and lots of love.

Take care