Pepe My Childhood Dog

When I first started researching Pit Bulls (we think Windy the pit bull wanna be may have some in the gene pool somewhere) I was a little shocked at how quickly I came to accept and love them.  I had thought I had no contact with them before, but when looking back at childhood pets I may be wrong.

I spent my younger childhood in Newfoundland.  Yup I am 100% newfie, and ridiculously proud of  We always had a dog in the house and coming from a modest background it was most certainly a mutt.  That didn't matter to me I loved them for who they were and the earliest one I remember is Pepe.  Pepe was the runt of the litter from what I've been told and he lived the longest.  There are very few pictures of him but this is what I could find. 
I asked my Mom what kind of dog he was and she didn't know.  Some sort of Terrier she replied..... hmmmm looking very familiar if you ask me.  That's me in the background he always put up with me I don't ever remember feeling afraid of him or getting bit.  He was a dog that had character, if that is what you want to call it!!  lol 

He used to eat peoples' garbage, then wander down to the Bay and roll in dead things that washed up from the Ocean including seaweed.  Stink!, oh my Lord, and not just from his Ocean adventures he could clear the couch in 10 seconds flat and he loved it.

Here he is doing his frog legs, and that's me again.  For all his wandering ways and dirty dog habits he lived a very long life.  Some said it was because when I was a kid I was forced to eat Cod Liver Oil everyday.  They bought be capsules which I thought was so much fun I used to suck out all the oil and feed the capsule to Pepe.  I know, strange but hey we were both healthy!!!  He lived a pretty good dog life back in the day being free to do what dogs do.  Now I have a modern day version of Pepe in female form and perhaps deep down in my subconscious looking at all the pibbles unlocked memories that I didn't realise I had.  I had no fear of them and now I think I know why.  Pepe, you did good.

Marg, reminds me of Pepe with her brindle
I look back on those days and am thankful for the wonderful memories. I had a simple of childhood of modest means but it was carefree and happy.  But best of all I had red rubber boots, I loved my boots......

I also still love jewelry of all kinds.  I might not wear clip or plastic orange hoops anymore but I would still wear red rubber boots.  :-)

Take care


  1. This is such a cute post. I hope you won't mind if I add it to my weekly Link-Up (it's all about pets from our childhood this week). You can find it here..

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the post I know I enjoyed yours!! lol No problem with the link up that would be great.


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