Crazy Times My Friends, Crazy Times

Well hello dharllllings

It's been awhile and I apologize.  Life has been up and down and all around since I last posted.  Lets make a quick list of things that have happened:

-  I moved on December 1st to a new house.  Never again will I do that!!

-  Yet again I moved into a new house that my husband describes as "it just needs a little updating" why do I
never learn......It's been painting and construction central around here.

-  I have come down with two very nasty bugs this winter.  Man, I am like a human petri dish some days.

- Took a holiday with the family and we went to Orlando to the land of big ass amusement  parks.  Lots of fun had by all.

-  Last but not least I have been putting off my blog because I'm going through some major decisions on what happening with my fostering situation.  Some of which have left me in tears.

Exciting huh....

So lets get started, depending on when you are reading this blog either grab your coffee, wine, or Gin and Tonic as I prefer and settle in.

First of all I still have the Margster here.  Yup, Mr or Mrs right has not come along yet and she is still waiting.  I know the right person is there but we still haven't reached them yet.  I'm hoping to meet them before May of this year.

This couple filled in an application on her but we didn't think it would work out......It was a gut feeling.
The reason for this is that we decided to buy a trailer and we have it in a trailer park for the summer months.  The kids love the fact that they can have free run of the place and I'm not hovering over them.  Yes, some may say its a little trailer trashy but hey, they are having fun and the parents have get togethers around a campfire and do some socializing.  One big problem we can not bring Marg up there because its in Ontario.  Pitbulls are banned there and I'm not sure she would be welcomed.  Marg, my little Marg whom I love so dearly.

Our little shangra-la in the park..... kinda

When January came around and I was talking to the Mister about this, the full impact of what was to come dawned on me.  I would have to have Marg adopted by May or someone else was going to have to foster her.  This brought me to tears.  I didn't want to let her go and I was suffering delusions of grandeur that no one could understand my Margarita like me.  I got lost in caring for her, started to be possessive of her, I didn't want to see her go and I slipped into hibernation mode for awhile.  Of course later after I finished my ugly cry I realized I felt a similar way when I first left my daughter with a babysitter for the first time and you know what, we all survived. I also realized how damn selfish I was if I were to keep Marg.  What would happen to all the other little pains in the butts that need a soft place to land.  That was it, no more pity parties.  So I blew my nose, put on my big girl panties, and started to try to get her adopted. 

  The good thing about all of this is that my daughter loves the rescue work.  She comes to all the events with me and loves to bake for bake sales as well wrangle puppies at events.  It's something we do together and that is good with me!!  For a girl who is just turning twelve I'm so happy her life is centered around something other than boys or makeup.  Although I do have to empty her pockets out after every event to make sure we are not coming home with another animal.....

I've taken Margarita to a couple of bake sale events and had her glamor shots done.  Recently she has been a little divaish in the pet stores she barks and yells at other dogs who come near the treats that are in reach of her.  She thinks they are all hers.... we are working on this.

Here's her Valentines day photo shoot

So in this picture we see the beginnings of a goober face, but still lovely 

Here we have the pensive wistful look..... a real renaissance girl
When we take pictures of  Marg like this I have to giggle because her chest looks huuuuge.  If you meet her she is not.  She is a medium sized pittie at best. 

Of course what proud step-momma wouldn't want to show off the embarrassing pics here's my favorite from Christmas....
MMMMOM stop taking my picture!!!
She chewed the hat up that night.... what a brat.

I'll be updating more often.  Just out of curiosity are there other foster Moms out there that feel like I did?  Please share so I don't feel like a Cruella de Ville over here.

Take Care


  1. It is always bitter sweet when they leave, they take a piece of your heart with them when they go, but the really great thing about fostering is that no matter how many little pieces of your heart are out there with all your previous fosters you always have enough heart for the next one.

    She will always love you and you will always love her and if you're really lucky her forever people will understand and keep in touch.


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