HoooLeee Cow Marg is a Superstar

So Marg has been going through her teenage phase and at times it hasn't been pretty.  You see she is rather strong willed and too smart for own good.  She does listen to correction well.  We have never  had a problem calling her off or getting her to drop stuff.  She will even break a steady stare at something if you call her.  So we were hoping for the best when she started growling or yelling as some trainers put it with our dog when bones were about.  She got to the point where we could not bring her to pet stores because if another dog got near her she would bark to let them know that ALL the treats in there were hers.

Along with hogging bones she hogs the bed.... ALL MINE!!
So we have been working on this issue, and have made progress.  The first thing we did was tell her no when she started growling/barking to get the bone and if she did get it we would take it away from her.  So one day she was watching Windy chew the bone, she decided she wanted outside.  So when we opened the back door of course Windy wanted out too and he came outside.  At this point Marg darts back in the house and grabs the bone.  She then disappears in her crate which is her place to have treats.  Sneaky, and wayyyy too smart.....

Things have been considerably better with them and I even started trying to teach sit and stays with treats.  This week we hit paydirt look at the proof below.

The first sit and stay with no treats just in case she got her bossy boots tude on....

Here we have treats in front of them.  Notice that they are even looking at my daughter for permission to GO!
I know it doesn't look like much but man my heart was 100 times the normal size for the Margaroni that night.  No barking, no rushing to get it first and no growling amazing.  I think Windy is giving her the reminder with his paw over hers to tell her to relax....lol.

She has come so far in getting rid of her bad "tude" behaviors.  I just knew that she really wasn't aggressive she just needed some discipline and guidance.  Luckily I am with a great rescue that I can pick up the phone or send an email and express my fears and worries about her and get good suggestions to deal with things.

So to end on a light note and whats a blog entry without some sort of dog shaming .... here is Marg in her St Patties day finest.  Have I ever told you I love her....  :-)

Ummm ok, Momma can we go for our walk now.....
  Well that's my big week I hope yours was was filled with lots of lovely stuff as well.

Take Care


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