Ignorance is Lethal

So I've decided to get back to the gym after taking a two year break.  Yup that's right two years.  Tonight is the second time I've been back and I'm feeling pretty good about at least getting to the gym.  My workouts right now are not up to full capacity but I'm taking it slow.  Anyhooo on to whats important, I'm on my way home and I get a call from the Mister.  He informs me that the SPCA was going door to door making sure that people had their dogs licensed.  Ok, so we were tardy in getting our license this year and he fessed up.  Then the tone changed when Margarita came into view. 

You see the cost of getting a dog license in Gatineau for every dog is $30.00 per year.  Except for Pitbulls they are $100.00.  WTF!!?  Oh I'm just getting started folks.  Gatineau is right across the river from Ottawa Ontario.  In Ontario Pitbulls are banned outright.  Everyone seems to think that in Gatineau they are fine.  Ohhhh no my friends they have so many restrictions on them they might as well be banned.  As stated before they are over triple the cost to license every year.  You also have to have a sign on your premises that warns people you have a pitbull.  Then the dude tells the Mister that when we invite guests over we have to give them 48 hrs notice that we have a pitbull on premises, she has to be muzzled at all times out in public and on a leash no longer six feet.  Seriously I think I'll have a lawyer draw up a damn document for guests to sign.

It doesn't stop there, you also have to have the dog pass an obedience course that is approved by the city of Gatineau.  When I called around to training facilities around me the only one who would train Pitbulls used a choker to correct.  No effin way was I going to put Marg in that, she is very sensitive and I think she would be devastated.   Don't get me wrong I keep on her case but with positive reinforcement.  Again when I talked with the owners of some of these training places I was met with ignorance of the breed.  Its just so damn tiring after awhile. 

I'm sorry for ranting, but really I've had my fill of dumb asses that think they know the breed and really have no experience with them at all.  I have two kids and Margarita has never, ever bitten them.  You know who has bit them?  The dog that they have over at their Dads house and hes a Terrier Schnauzer mix.  I love that dog to bits but he is bitey he has even bitten the Mister!!  Marg has bit no one ever.  Yet I am being treated like I have a lethal weapon in my house. 

I would love to keep Marg she is awesome and I know its going to be a cry fest when she leaves.  But when things like this rear their ugly head I think she deserves to be in a place that appreciates her.  That doesn't propagate hate towards her.  Damn it!!! 

When you see a petition to end Breed Specific Legislation sign it, call your MP and be sure to stand up and be counted.  We can't let ignorant people exterminate this breed.  Ok I have to sign off now otherwise I'm going to blow a gasket, I'll tell you what if they try and take my foster dog they will have one hell of a verbal fight on their hands and they will have to take me with her where she goes.  I have my lawyers card at the ready motherfu*@ers.  Pathooy I just spit on the ground....

Thanks for hanging in there with this entry.  I just had to get it out.

Hang in There


  1. Hey! Totally late to the party here, but I'm shocked! I always thought QC was land of the free for pit bulls. :(

    Do you have to have the training in QC? Or can you go to a trainer in Ontario? I can recommend a good place!

  2. Hey there it is the land of the free in some cities like Mtl but not in Gatineau. I tried to talk to someone at animal control about this but the language barrier was bad that day. I should phone again I may have more luck. :-)


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