A Christmas Guest

So, we have a guest for a couple of weeks and she's  real firecracker.  The cutest black and brown brindle puppy ever.  I have to bring up her colours because Kayla is a blue brindle and I don't want her nose out of joint, she can be a diva.... Prepare your self for adorable overload.
I am a two month old girl and looking for a forever home

I know, it's the eyes they get you every time.  Don't let the cuteness fool you this kid has enough energy to power up China.  Pitbull puppies should come with a warning.

 "This pitbull needs to be challenged and exercised often your attention will be all consumed.  The payback is their undying love and devotion to you and that is priceless.  But first you must make sure they don't swing from the light fixtures and figure out how to take the car keys and go joy riding."

Our older boy Windy is won over in a big way he even let her touch him on the couch!

Windy will play and romp till the cows come home with other dogs but he's not into the cuddling scene so much. (typical male)
Kayla is a great big sister and has taken her in with no problems.

Now that all the cutsie pics are shown I'll let you in on how the last 20 hrs have been with her (we are still working on a name).  She slept great in her crate and shes getting the hang of where the door is for pee pee breaks.  The rest of her waking time looks like this....

Windy - These bitches be crazy!!
It's been wrestle mania here non stop!  I'm glad I have a camera that's not the greatest for this pic it shows the action in the blur...lol  (I heard a rumour that Santa may be bringing a better camera here)  I was worried about the pup and how she may be intimidated or hurt during play, ummmm that is not the case.  She can hold her own with these two no problem.  I've had to re wrap Christmas gifts and straighten my tree up because one of their epic battles went under the tree and things were flying everywhere.  Like I said pitbull puppies are firecrackers.  They certainly are a lot of work but the rewards are immense.  Even now when she is tired for 30 seconds and cuddles with me, its makes it all worthwhile. 

Take Care


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