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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ohhhh No ,Kennel Cough Strikes Again

Well we dropped the kids off at their Dads and came back eagerly looking foreword to our rum and eggnog.  We got in and let the ladies out of their crates but Kayla was not moving like she usually does.  She proceeded to go to the couch and lay down and not move.  We called her and she barely opened her eyes.  This for me is alarming!!  She had a small cough but I thought it would pass. 

We waited a half an hour and then brought all the pups outside for a pee break.  Kayla seemed to perk up a bit in the cool air.  Unfortunately she went right back to what she was doing earlier so we decided that was it we were taking her into emergency.  We left at 10pm and got back at 1:30 am Christmas Morning.  The emergency vet was really busy I couldn't believe all the people there. 

It turns out Kayla has kennel cough again and this time its worse than the first round.  Poor little pup needs medicine and some TLC.  The problem was she isn't able to bring up the guck from her lungs so she needed some help.  The vet suggested chest thumping.  As luck would have it (well not lucky for them) the Mister has a niece and nephew who have CF and they have to do the same thing daily.  They have a vest which does the thumping for them.  They graciously offered a vest that was too small for them to use for Kayla.  She's not thrilled with this but hey it beats us beating her. (figuratively)

Along with this is the humidifier and she is supposed to be resting to rebuild her strength.  This is sometimes a challenge when you have Hurricane Marg jumping around.  Through this all she still remained patient and friendly.  She even had kisses for the vet!!  What a flirt.

With a pending adoption for her we are pulling out all the stops to get her in A1 shape as quick as possible she has some loving to give to a new family soon!!


Monday, 26 December 2011

Wishes for Santa

The day had arrived at our house for the great Christmas celebration.  My kids were going to their Dads at nine pm on the 24th so we did our thing with them on Saturday.  It was crazy, busy, and chaotic and we all loved it. 

The dogs were right there doing things that they were not supposed to just like humans.  Eating things that they shouldn't and drinking the wrong beverages.  (whats with tree water???)  They did take some breaks here and there and as I watched them napping I was thinking of what they would wish for .....

Dear Santa I want lots of treats, friends to play with and a furever family that can keep me out of trouble.  Love Senorita Margarita


Dear Santa I want treats, and balls both kinds if you can I seem to be missing mine.....Love Windy

Dear Santa I want a soft bed, and a furever family with friends to cuddle and play with.  Oh, and a warm coat would be good too!! Love Kayla
Hmmmm, a little birdie told me that Santa was trying really hard to fulfil Kayla's wish and that there is a good possibility that he has found the right furever family for her!!  So excited for her but it is bittersweet we are going to miss her. 

After the very quick naps came the goody bags for the gang....

Now you will notice that Windy does not have his bag, this is because he stole the teeth chewy cleaning thing from the puppy and ran away to eat it..... bad doggy!!

After all the excitement it was time to call it a night with too much munching on things that are not dog specific and too many shots of tree water the gang promptly passed out on the couch.  Sheesh not very gracious I tell ya...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Take care

Friday, 23 December 2011

Party Puppies

Now that the Christmas frenzy has nearly reached it's peak, I've looked back at the slow journey that we have taken to get here.  Well slow for the kids, for me it seemed to have flown by.  The dogs have been involved in almost every step of the way including decorating the tree and entertaining guests.  I've even taken them shopping at Critter Jungle they not only love the products but also all the attention they get there.  First was decorating the tree and the house.  So of course being the party girl that she is Kayla dressed for the occasion....
Ohhhh ya right there....
So as you see from the photos trying to get us and the dogs looking good all at once was beyond us this night.  Personally I like the outtakes they make me laugh.  These pictures were taken before the Senorita Margarita hurricane came so as you notice we still have bottom branches on our tree.  All those small branches are gone and the little stuffed tree hanging to the left of Campbell was pictured on the last blog entry as being part of the contraband taken from the dogs ....

Kayla is a girl who likes her comforts and personally I don't blame her.  She likes a bed in her crate.  Fleece blankets can do in a pinch but a bed is preferred.  She has sensitivities to certain foods.  Presently she is on Fromms whitefish food and she is doing well, the itchies and scratchies are pretty much gone.  This in no way affects her daily living even with the itchies and scratchies she is loving and mild mannered.  Do not let her eat cat food OMGoodess the consequences are not pretty as previously reported in a past blog.... She likes doggie companions she is very social with dogs and cats as well as humans big and small.  She needs cuddles there is no way around this one she is a love bug.  I make it part of her reward for good behaviour to get up on the couch and snuggle the night away.  We are still working on some annoying habits like staring at you while you snack on the couch but these work out in time.  Kayla likes those balls that you put kibble in and they have to work to get it out it keeps her busy and her mind active, this is the only thing she ever got possessive over with her foster pack.  Humans can take it right out of her mouth and she will give no resistance.  Here she is posing in front of the tree looking mahhhhvooulous.....
I mean really, she truly is one sexy bitch.... :-)

Below we see her at the beginning of the evening checking in on who is attending and do we have enough treats to last the night .....
Mamma are they here yet?
By the time she had worked the room about a dozen times and we had said good bye to the guests this is what I found on the couch. 

My little party girl all pooped out.  She sure is hard not to

Well two more sleeps and Santa will be here and the puppies have stockings to open.  Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. 

Take care

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tis the Season.... to be Crazy!! The New Pup Name Too

With Christmas Carols buzzing in my head, along with the kids excited voices and doggies playing loudly.... the season has seemed to sneak up on us.

To the exciting news, the new bundle of dynamite joy has been named!!  Drum Roll Please....... introducing Senorita Margarita.  (Margarita or Marg for short)

Mamma I'm bored....

Helloooooo there

Margarita is certainly a spicy little Senorita she has personality plus.  At two months she has all the puppy energy and a little more.  Right now we are trying to teach her not to bark at the cat or try to get him to play.  She is also being taught her doggie manners by her big foster brother and sister.  Although some days she doesn't listen the first time.  She loves the kids and her favourite job is to wake up my son in the morning.

She is currently being crate trained and is doing very well.  I have three dogs in the house so she eats in her crate.  I don't lock the door but it gives everyone their own space while eating.  When she sees the bowl coming her butt is just a blur as she is running in her crate on her own now.  She also sleeps in her crate at night sometimes we hear little whimpers but they stop quickly.

Potty training is coming along but not perfected yet.  It doesn't help that she really hates the cold and tries to hold it but being a puppy ...... there have been accidents.  She has kept her crate clean at all times.

Things get rowdy here with all the playing going on ....
Add caption
You will notice the abundance of fluff from stuffies as well as chew toys and odd bits of stuff around.  I'm tired of picking it up so after the schemeds are gone to bed I sweep up.  Speaking of odd bits of stuff..... Marg had an unusual poo the other day and I was concerned.  (if you foster you end up inspecting poo, trust me)  I phoned the Executive President BullyBabe Lady early in the morning in a mild panic.  She was gracious about it and let me know all was well.  Thanks President BullyBabe for having patience with newbies like me.  After the conversation I went up and looked in on what was going on and found Kayla and Margarita on the love seat with an assortment of contraband stuff that they were chewing on. 
This was gathered during a 45 minute conversation!!  Craft paint from the spare room, an ornament from the tree that someone thought was a stuffie, parts of a Halo Dude of my sons, and the remnants from a stuffie pull toy.  WOW those are busy girls!!  No wonder I was looking at strange poo.....

Stay tuned for the next post reporting on the party circuit for the dogs....

Take Care

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Christmas Guest

So, we have a guest for a couple of weeks and she's  real firecracker.  The cutest black and brown brindle puppy ever.  I have to bring up her colours because Kayla is a blue brindle and I don't want her nose out of joint, she can be a diva.... Prepare your self for adorable overload.
I am a two month old girl and looking for a forever home

I know, it's the eyes they get you every time.  Don't let the cuteness fool you this kid has enough energy to power up China.  Pitbull puppies should come with a warning.

 "This pitbull needs to be challenged and exercised often your attention will be all consumed.  The payback is their undying love and devotion to you and that is priceless.  But first you must make sure they don't swing from the light fixtures and figure out how to take the car keys and go joy riding."

Our older boy Windy is won over in a big way he even let her touch him on the couch!

Windy will play and romp till the cows come home with other dogs but he's not into the cuddling scene so much. (typical male)
Kayla is a great big sister and has taken her in with no problems.

Now that all the cutsie pics are shown I'll let you in on how the last 20 hrs have been with her (we are still working on a name).  She slept great in her crate and shes getting the hang of where the door is for pee pee breaks.  The rest of her waking time looks like this....

Windy - These bitches be crazy!!
It's been wrestle mania here non stop!  I'm glad I have a camera that's not the greatest for this pic it shows the action in the  (I heard a rumour that Santa may be bringing a better camera here)  I was worried about the pup and how she may be intimidated or hurt during play, ummmm that is not the case.  She can hold her own with these two no problem.  I've had to re wrap Christmas gifts and straighten my tree up because one of their epic battles went under the tree and things were flying everywhere.  Like I said pitbull puppies are firecrackers.  They certainly are a lot of work but the rewards are immense.  Even now when she is tired for 30 seconds and cuddles with me, its makes it all worthwhile. 

Take Care

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Boogers and Ya Hoooo It's Santa

The next post on my learning curve is one about Kennel Cough or sometimes Boogers.  Kayla had kennel cough when she came here and that's not a big deal.  It's a cold for dogs.  It can be spread just like the common cold for humans and seldom gets serious.  As well as with humans sometimes the symptoms are not so pleasant.  There is the cough which is rather disturbing to hear and see, its not pretty and you think the dog is not going to catch their breath.  But some dogs do not cough so much, they have a head cold otherwise known as boogers..... and this is what Kayla had.  Dogs do not know how to use Kleenex when they have boogers and when they sneeze there is no concern with where and on what... ewwwe.  Lets put this way we did not walk around in bare feet for about two weeks. 

On the bright side of this affliction I learnt that Kayla has a high tolerance for being touched and cared for even by kids.  My daughter who cringes when I tell her to clean her room, has no problem wiping boogers off Kaylas face and Kayla has no problem letting her.  When Kayla cuddles with Katie this is the time where my daughter will check her from top to bottom for bumps, lumps, and cleans any eye goop as well as checking out her ears.  All the while Kayla is just happy for the attention, this is one laid back dog.  She has fully recovered now and is in top form.  Not that the boogers really slowed her down any anyways....

Now talking about how tolerant Kayla is she is also very well socialised.  This girl is a major flirt, like no shame kind of hussy flirt.  We took the dogs to see Santa at the Aylmer SPCA and wow that was an experience.  It was crowded with lots of other dogs and cats, a regular gong show.  All for a good cause of course and put together by volunteers an awesome group of people.  But, like the office Christmas party there are a lot of personalities there and not all get along.  Here's Kayla's picture with Santa.

Ok Santa don't forget I want a really nice Forever Family!!
Seriously folks she was Canada's Next Canine Model up there.  Then when Santa wasn't busy she went back to visit him at least four more times!!!  She must have had a long list, she does like her comforts.  Everyone was impressed with her dress it gets her lots of attention and she likes that.  Now the same can not be said for poor Windy her big foster brother, who is usually very laid back but for some reason that day was thinking he was the big macho man.  It's like the guy at the party that is usually quite and then get a couple of drinks in him and hes taking on every male at the party.  Windy became very protective of Kayla in the crowd of other dogs.  He had no problem with them if it was just him but when they tried to befriend Kayla he started to growl.  There were some people who thought it was cute I did not..... so here's his

Poor guy, he looks totally freaked out so shortly after this the Mister took him outside for a walk while we were waiting for the pics to be developed.  Meanwhile lil miss social is loving every minute of being petted and oooo'd and awwwwed over, what a hussy flirt. 

Any stories to be shared about visits to Santa??  Or better yet booger stories... lol.  Would love to hear from you.

Take Care

Monday, 12 December 2011

Upset stomachs and Christmas Dogs

I've discovered that Kayla has a sensitive stomach.  As part of the Good and the Bad and the just plain Ugly discussions I'll start with every ones favourite, poop.  We took Kayla visiting and our friend has a cat whose food was left out.  Kayla helped herself and I've been paying the price for two days now.... blachhhh I thought she was over it last night and put her in her crate to sleep.  I get woken up by the mister who yells in the bedroom don't let Kayla up on the bed shes covered in poo!!  Ummmm too late and I brush her off.  He comes in and says she just came in from outside but she had a really liquid poo and its all over her pillow and her... wow, I haven't really opened my eyes fully yet and this is the start of the day.  So the mister has to go now, can't be late for work and I'm left with Missy Poo Poo pants and the two kids to get ready.

Well we all got off ok and Kayla had a bath which grossed my kids out because there was poo floating around in the water... it will take at least a month before they will get in tub again.  Then I had to run grumpy cat to the vet at 8:30 am for his booster shot he was not impressed.  Really, I had no sympathy for him I wasn't all that impressed with the morning either.  When we got home we were greeted by a butt waggin happy dog nice and clean Kayla who I swear was trying to tell me Happy Monday Momma!!!!  sigh......

On a more festive note we have pulled out the decorations and put up the tree.  That means one thing, pet humiliation will follow.  I tried my best but the two dogs were not having it.  I did manage this one pic of Kayla....

Ummm, like, this is not very flattering and so not cool....

This is what I think of the hat ok
Must destroy in case Momma wants to try that again.....

As you can see by the last pic Kayla got her faux sheepskin rug. (thank you Ikea) She enjoys froggin out on it in front of the fire.  I have more Christmas events to share but first I have to figure out how to scan my pictures properly don't ask I'm scanner challenged lately.  We took the dogs to see Santa at the Aylmer SPCA yesterday.  Lots to tell and pics to see.

Take care

Friday, 9 December 2011

It Can Happen in a Second

My hands are still shaking from what happened about an hour ago.  I know I said I would post about my huge learning experiences but this one I can't believe....

We have a large back yard and the dogs go out there to run around and play.  The first week I was out there with them to make sure play didn't get rough or nasty.  The second week I was ok watching from the windows to keep an eye on them.  This is still a precaution because even though there has been no incidents it could still happen.  So today I got out of the shower and then let the dogs out.  I'm standing in the back room watching them.  The phone rings so I answer it and its the Mister, we're chatting and I look out the window and I see Kayla swimming in the pool!!  I yell in the phone Kaylas in the pool and drop the phone while I tear out of the house with nothing on but my robe.  I'm barefoot looking like a wild woman calling Kayla she swims over to me and I haul her out.  Her front legs buckle under her and shes shivering uncontrollably. 

At this point I go into what I call the Mominator mode where emotions are not there and the mind is sharp, actions are not even thought about it just gets done.  I scoop her up run in the house reassuring her that shes ok.  Meanwhile the mister is still listening on the phone..... up to the tub with some warm water and then wrap her up on blankets.  Shes still shivering so I call the vet.  In case you didn't know how to warm a dog up you make sure they are dry and then cover them with a towel and then use a blow dryer to heat them up.  After awhile she stopped shivering so much and when I asked her if she wanted a treat she zoomed upstairs.... then it all hit me.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Kayla on the other hand is fine and is enjoying her free couch time with blankets.
All cozied up in the blanket.

Hmmmm a little deeper in here....

Ahhhh nice and warm.
One of lifes lessons my friends a lot can happen in a second.... oh and one other thing to keep in mind the vet asked me to take her temperature and I didn't have a plain thermometer I only have the ones you stick in your ear.  Something to think about if you have pets.

I going to take a nap now the adrenaline has worn off and I'm sleepy. 

Until next time

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two Nuts Roasting by the Fire

Well we had a cold snap and of course the ferocious pitbulls or pitbull wannabe are not happy about it.  So this is what they do when they are not sprinting outside to relieve themselves.  Seriously, they barely make it off the step before doing what they need to do and they are right back in. 
Windy is roasting the top of his head.... I don't know how they can stand it's really hot !!

I guess Kayla decided to get the full body roasting all she needs is a bearskin rug...
Besides having the two roasted nuts.... there has been an auction taking place to raise funds for Bullies in Need Rescue (Kayla is one of the rescues that by the way, is looking for her forever home)  and I have discovered something surprising about my self.  I am a pretty laid back person most times but for some reason with auctions I become Dave that nasty guy from the Auction show.  YUUUUUUP its mine, all  Actually I look at the item and say there is no way that anyone is getting it for that price and I bid it up.  Of course the Mister is watching me and getting worried that no one else will bid over me and we are going to be late with this months cable payment to cover what I owe... naw.   I have faith in the old adage that comes into play here, people want what others want, if they see bids happening they are attracted to it.  Besides he can live without HBO for a week or two... Check it out there are some really nice items still at a price that is way too low right now.  For anyone who is around the Toronto area there is a full years gym membership that's still sitting at $50.00!!!  Worth over a thousand!!! 

I follow a blog called Furry Four Legged Fosters  who is written by a very funny lady who fosters for and she had written an entry called The Good The Bad and The Ugly of fostering.  Well this being my first foster I thought I would have not enough experience yet to write of my GBandU experiences.  But as luck or not so much luck would have it, I think I may have some stuff to share.  There are days when I look like this....
This is the look of lets get to the pharmacy and pick up (fill in here) right away!!

Don't get the wrong idea I wouldn't change the experience for anything and its been very rewarding caring for my foster but the learning curve has been immense and I'll share that with you next entry....

Until next time