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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

An Act of Kindness and the Big Dig

So, a big shout out to the makers of Nutrience dogfood.  They made an incredibly generous donation of dog food to Bullies in Need to keep our furbabies fed for the winter!!  Also they sent great coupons for any person who wanted to foster one of our dogs.  Check'em out sometime. 

Bullies in Need are also having an online aution that starts this Friday as well as taking orders for hoodies that are verrry sharp looking.... Chirstmas is coming people, good oportunities here to get started on gifts....

It's the crazy goofies that we do this for, and its allll good.  Speaking of goofies, the other morning I was watching the dogs play in the backyard.  I noticed what seemed to be a spot where the grass was missing.  I figured this is from them tearing around like lunitics on a daily basis.  Then I notice that Kayla's head has disappeared in a hole!!  Her whole head!!  I mosey over and realize its not worn down grass it's actually grass covered in dirt and there is a large deep hole!  Kayla is busy chowing down on a root from the cedar hedge that runs through it and then she gets busy digging for a grub....
Here Windy is checking out the grub....
Team Goofballs checking out their work, "Looks good to me how bout you?"
After being told to get out of there they decided to wander off to the pool leaf cover that the Mister and I have yet to clean up, I think we should get on that.
Kayla - I'm thinking we could get some epic tug wars with this thing
Windy - ya, just a minute I think I see my chewed up volley ball in the pool, I may need to bark to get the humans to get fish it our for me.
Thats right, Windy seems to think of us as his own cabana people around the pool.  After being told to get away from the pool, the zoomies set in and the lunitics came out to play....
Craaazzzy Kayla
Windy luring her in with his submissive act
He ends up on top....

They both decided to shake it off at the same time...

Windy is giving her the "look" I'm done lets sleep
 This is pretty much what happens on a daily basis around here.  Well not today, it rained last night and the temperature dipped so neither one of them want to go out it's a snoozapalooza going on. 

Until next time,

Monday, 28 November 2011

Opinions, and Kayla the Cuddle Monster

Recently there were some pictures put on the Bullies in Need Facebook page that caused a bit of a stir.  They were put there by Bullies in Need themselves and were of some very well behaved and beautiful pitbulls.  Two very distraught people had some comments, one of whom was not so delicate in expressing their outrage on putting muzzles on the dogs.  The other person was upset but kept the swear words to a minimum.  The opinion was that this was just propagating the myth of the vicious pitbull and how could they do this to the dogs.  Ok, I understand, but lets ask why, before getting loud and crass about it.  It was then explained that this is the law therefore its to protect the dog. The other person who was a bit more elegant in her wording actually replied back and understood, but as predicted the other hothead did not. 

All of us who live in areas with this law are appalled by having to do this.  It makes our dogs look like Hannibal Lecter and yes therefore instills the myth even deeper.  The big happy goober faces covered up by this.....
 I couldn't bring myself to put a picture of Kayla with it on, that's how much it bothers me.  But, in the long run if it keeps the breed alive I'll do it.  I rather see her like this
Work it girl...

Alrighty then on to happier things like the cuddle monster we have in our midst!!  Kayla loooooves to be with people.  As soon as someone sits on the couch, chair or floor she is there looking to hop on the lap and use you as her personal body pillow.  I call her the cuddle shark because of her grey face and the fact that she can sense someone sitting from anywhere in the house, she then gets you in her sights and BAM you have been hit.  Some examples;
The sleeping habits of a tween are strange to start with throw in a bed hog and this is what you

My sister who was not aware of her shark like stealth was overtaken.

But, there is one guy who is not affected by her charms or slyness, its Windy.  Windy has mucho patience to play with her, he even puts up with her trying to steal his kibble (but not the chew teeth cleaning thingy) but he draws the line at cuddling so far....

Her first rejection she tried to sleep on top of him but she kicked her off and this was the compromise, notice the blanket between them.
This was the next step, note the touching and Windys dejected look.

Yes, here we have full contact and Windy is tolerating it.  Now, no judging me I came home and put on some PJ bottoms, keep all fashion faux pas comments to yourself.
Its still a work in progress for her of course her ultimate goal is to lay on top of him and that will take some time but she keeps trying.....

That's it for today soon I will have pics of the hole in the backyard that the dogs are digging to get to China.... what a pair of dorks.

Take care

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kayla and her Fashion Needs

As more time goes by Kaylas personality starts to emerge a little more each day.  First off she is horrified with the cold and snow.  I literally have to push her out the door to pee.  She stands at the door shivering.... sad.... I took her out for a walk and about 15 mins in she sat down and wouldn't move.  She then rolled over on her back and refused to walk anymore.  I'm thinking this is her version of a temper tantrum.... So I went shopping today and bought a hoodie for her to wear.  I know she's a foster, but I figure I can have these things on hand for future fosters.

She looked adooooorable walking tonight and she walked !!  No temper tantrums.  Now the next outfit we picked up at that big dept store no one admits to shopping at.... and she got it because I have been secretly longing for a girlie girl in the house.  I have my Husband (the Mister), my son (Campbell), and my daughter (Katie) who is not a girlie girl.  She doesn't wear dresses anymore :(.  So Kayla this one is for you

It's her Christmas dress, she needed something for her visit with Santa.  A girl has to make her list you know...

Does this make my butt look fat??

Ok, so that's it for the fashion but there is one last piece that she is not happy about.  I have to keep a tank top on her because she keeps scratching her sides from the extreme Brazilian shave she was given....

Here she is not only getting attention but she is also warming her butt by the fire...

Speaking of butts.... one last totally unrelated story.  I came into the living room and noticed there were some less than desirable things going on.  First she was on the couch uninvited, that's a no-no.  Second she was licking her neither regions as dogs do but, she was doing it on top of the remote!!  Yes she was, sitting on the remote licking it and the region... blachhhhh, yakkk, gag... she got kicked off the couch and the remote got sanitized.... funny enough the Mister got to have the remote tonight.... ;-)

If you look closely you can see her paw in the bottom right, like really girl, have some shame!!

Until next time,

Monday, 21 November 2011

Housetraining and Other Tidbits....

Our lovely foster girl Kayla is doing great!!

 We are house training at this point but its going well.  I have to say the mishaps we have had lately have been my fault I've missed her signs.... I have always believed that when house training dogs it's a 50/50 affair.  We humans also have to pick up on the dogs signs and habits.  I now know that Kayla needs to go out 20 mins max after eating, 30 secs more and she finds the spot she likes to go (on the stone in front of our fireplace...) and voila presents for foster human.  She also has a very tiny whine that she will do to let me know.  She has not messed her crate at all, like I said she's a great girl.

This is the "please let me up on the furniture look..."

She does have some very endearing qualities, she snores.  She has this little lady like snore that we hear coming from her crate when we watch TV in the evening very cute....

She loves to snuggle.  Ok, we keep her off the furniture for the bulk of the time but if she has been a good girl she gets to come up in the evening and snuggle with us in the couch.  She gets right in there and falls asleep, gets me every time...

She also has integrated herself very quickly here my husband commented yesterday that shes been here a total of three nights and she already seems to be part of the routine.  I think she may be a bit too familiar, hmmmmm
Ummm, excuse me your cut off, you have had too much to drink young Lady!!

Yes, we have discouraged this behavior.  Bleccch

She and the kids are really enjoying each other she is very comfortable around the noise and bustle that kids can cause.  We have not experienced any "mouthing" from her when she plays with them yet.  I guess she saves that for her foster brother Windigo she likes to hang on to his back leg....
Ahhh I just looooove kisses from the Katie girl!!

Windigo is very good with Kayla, so much so I have a whole new appreciation for him.  He has put Kayla in her place, but with a growl or a bark and that's it.  When they play he lets her get the upper hand for a minute and just when I think I'll have to jump in and tell her to back off he flips her over and holds her down for a second to let her know that he is still keeping control of this situation.  It makes me smile just watching them play.  I make a point of taking Windy on our special walks without Kayla to let him run in the bush lot near our home.  Its his time to be free and have the humans all to himself. 
When it comes to sticks size does matter....

Kayla does come to me for attention often and I have to resist picking her up and snuggling all day.  I have more than once told her, after I have given her a pat on the head, to go play with Windy or with her toys.  She adores being part of the familial unit that's for sure.

This is what the view from behind me looks like most of the day....
Kayla hanging out on the dog bed and Windy taking full advantage of the fact he gets to sit in the chair..... seriously, what a

Kayla will be a wonderful addition to a busy but loving family, even ones with cats!!  If you live outside of Ontario please contact Bullies in Need if you are interested in adopting this lovely little lady. 

Take care

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kayla Goes on Her First Visit

Today I took Kayla to see my Sister Terra to get her photos taken, the glamour shots... well that didn't work out but that's OK.  I don't think anyone was complaing that the job didn't get done ;-)  But I did get some lovely candids while Terra was relaxing and Kayla decided she realllllly liked my sister.

Hmmm I like this TeTe lady ....zzzzzzz
My sister has a cat as well...

If I show her my best side the Lady can get some good ideas for my close ups!
 It was a great visit with TeTe (Tay Tay) and Kayla was a lovely girl the whole time.

Take Care

Friday, 18 November 2011

The First Day

Here are some first impressions of how its going with Kayla.  I know its been less than a full day but being a first time foster I'm a little excited....

Kayla has yet to bark, I've heard minor whining but no bark.
She loves to play but not rough.
She likes her crate she freely goes there for naps and for feeding.  She spent the night in her crate and she was good.  She woke up at 5:30 no ruckus but you could hear her rustling around.
She comes to her name and sits!!  She is having the occasional accident in the house but I think this will be rectified shortly she does catch on fast. 
Really good with the kids, loves attention and affection.  She was letting my daughter wipe her nose this morning  (she has a minor cold)

She was spayed last weekend and she has the dreaded shaved hair itch....
Taken from behind, because you know, shes a lady

I think most of us can sympathize.....

I have to stop her from teeth scratching I've warned her the dreaded cone of shame may have to come out. 

Windigo the resident dog has handled things well except for one teeth cleaning chewie thing... there was some growling about this....

Do not touch my chewie tooth thingie... got it kid?

Its all good we have this worked out now.  To make things up between them he offered up his grotty old over sized tennis ball.  I guess it the thought that counts right?

This is open for sharing ....

To finish up the experience she got a bath, not exactly a spa girl, but she survived.

I tried not to laugh but holy smokes she put on the Oscar winning performance... shivering and acting like she was made out of spun sugar.  She recovered about 30 seconds of exiting the tub shaking and giving me an excuse to wash my floor.

She's a great puppy and I can't wait to see her blossom to her full potential. 

Until next time my friends,


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Annoucing..... Kayla!!

Here she is, and ohhh we are smitten....

She is a true pit bull pup full of beans and a big goober

This is all I've been able to capture at the moment she's a fast mover :).  More details and pics to come!!

Take care

Woo Hoo Big Annoucement!!

We had our visit from the folks at Bullies in Need on Saturday and they brought along one of their dogs named Agnes to find out what Windy would be like.  Windy did well and so did Agnes.  The initial sniffs and a quick walk ended in Windy and Agnes doing their own thing not paying much attention to each other.  As for our cat Monsieur Charleau the same can not be said.  Agnes was interested in checking out the Monsieur but he was having nothing of it and hissed.... then proceeded to climb up on a dining room chair and taunt stare at the dogs.  I might add that Agnes is not going to be our foster and has had some health problems and is recovering well.  When she is fully recovered she will be up for adoption .... take a look at this beauty. 

Ms Agnes so gentle and looooveable
 When Ms Anges is fully recovered more pics will follow. 

So tonight we receive our foster dog!!  She is a 6 to 7 month old pup and will have a blue brindle coat.  She has just been spayed and is ready for some lovin!!  I'm currently prepping our cat....

What!!!!  another dumb dog  uggggh
As you can see its going not so well.  Windigo has heard the news too....
Huh, what was that, whatever, she needs to bring her own blanket though
I promise there will be pics and stories to be shared.  This little one will need a home so if you know of someone outside of Ontario looking please share.  :)

Ohhh yes, Terra my dear sister... your camera magic will be needed to take photos of our pup!!  My iPone is not the best... :)

Take Care

Friday, 11 November 2011

Thick Skin, Ticks, and Rememberance

Well its been an eventfull week. 

First up, a word on developing a thick skin.  Every blog and website I've read dealing with pitbulls and pitbull like dogs all mention that if you are going to love and live with these dogs you have to develop a thick skin.  I guess I've been sheltered so far with our dog and only have been around supportive people, but yesterday I got my first reality check.  I phoned the animal control of Gatineau to find out where to find a dog training facility that is recognised by the city to have my dog pass the basic obidience level.  This is a requirement to own a"Pitbull, or Pitbull mix, or any dog that looks like a Pitbull" there is also about 8 more special requirements reserved just for this breed who the City deems a dangerous dog.

 Now I have to admit there were some language issues they did not speak much English and I have limited French but one thing came across loud and clear.... in his best English this man from the City of Gatineau informed me "Pitbulls are very aggressive and need to be controlled" the tone of voice was snotty not pleasent.  Wow I was stunned, he knew nothing of my dog, I took it personally I'm afraid and at first was very hurt, then it turned wtfrig @#%* jerk to anger.  This just cements my decsion even more, to help this breed which though no fault of thier own has been slandered and mailighned.  They need a voice and in any way I can I will try to let it be heard.  Even if it simply means that my dog is well behaved above and beyond the norm, just so he can prove to everyone that he is not a threat any more than any other breed.  What a heavy load for each of these dogs to bear.  Now that means we will have to work a little harder on teaching him that not everyone likes slobby kisses and paw marks on thier pants...

Aggresive will have to wait until after my nap....

So the next adventure was the Tick.... OMGoodness, my cat Monsieur Charleau got himself a guest Mr. Tick.  I was petting him and felt a bump, took a look and wondered what the hell is that?  The Mister looked it up on the Internet and much to our horror surprise it was a tick.The most nasty thing I've seen in a long time and very large. Next is a list of things happened in the next 5 mins....

1-  I cannot describe the urge to get the cat off me.
2- The cat was quickly sequestered to the garage for the night.  (poor guy)
3- The mister and I were scratching all night thinking about that nasty thing on our cat. 
4- We then checked over the dog for any guests and afterwards he had the dejected look like we had violated him....

Pre disgusting tick incident kicking our aggressive dog of his bed....

The next day we had an emergency visit to the vet to get it removed bleeech.... I'm still itching...

And last but not least I hope everyone spends the day today in the comfort of their homes safe and secure in the knowledge that because of  sacrifices in the past we have a stable and secure society to live in today.

Our family made poppies to put out on the front lawn this year.
Take Care

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Greener than the Green Grass of Home

I guess the first words are always the hardest....

I've started this blog for two reasons;

One is that I'm assuming that my sister is tired of getting a picture of my dog (Windigo) on a weekly basis doing something I think is cute, "Hi Terra look at Windy with a dirty face, looking cute in his new T-Shirt, sleeping, breathing"....etc attach the picture and send away.  It's ok Terra I'm sharing with others

Second is that I've applied to foster a dog with an organization called Bullies in Need.  I have passed the application and phone interview and am now at the home visit stage.  It happens this Saturday and fingers crossed all goes well. 

It was a big decision to foster and I had to get the blessing of my family.  I had to explain to my ten year old daughter and seven year old son what it was and that the dogs would be leaving in time.  My daughter was unsure of this and I explained that we are not the only good home out there and we need to make room for more dogs that need emergency care.  She also liked the idea of being involved in the job of getting the foster used to what a good home was like before they went to their forever home. It gave my daughter (Katie) a job and a role in this endeavor.  My son (Cambpell) is just happy to have someone else to cuddle with in the morning when he first wakes up.  This is his favorite activity with our dog.

So hence the title of this post, I am a greenest of the greenhorns when it comes to fostering.  I've corresponded with other fosters and also read blogs about the subject and one thing comes through loud and clear, though it may be hard sometimes there is a great satisfaction that one gets from knowing that you did some good.  I'm really trying to instill that in my children, to do what you think is insignificant to help but when you add up all the little acts of kindness they equal something great.  Katie currently makes dog cookies to sell to raise funds for various animal charities and I'm sure through the course of the year she will think if other things to do.  She is passionate about animals and I want to do all I can to encourage this behaviour.  Besides, our dog loves when its baking night he gets all the mishaped cookies and the leftovers!!

Katies Nanny helping with cookies and Windy waiting.


Still waiting.... sigh...
After deciding to foster the next difficult decision was which rescue I would foster for.  It was a difficult decision.  I finally decided on Bullies in Need.  You see, I adopted Windy from the Aylmer SPCA and was told he was a lab mix. (which he is) In my naivete I did not foresee what his looks would bring out in other people.  I have been told by many people that he looks like he has pit bull in him.  Really I have no idea if this is true but just the fact he looks like it has tainted him in the eyes of some others.  The stigma and fear runs deep, deeper than I ever would have thought. When the truth is, Windy to put it bluntly, is a goof.  He is very friendly towards people and other animals he has even put up with cat attacks and simply walked away.  My son has put him though all reasonable tests of tolerance and he has passed with flying colours.  He is the ultimate family companion and no matter what his rolling stone of a father may have been he is number one with us!!  This is the reason why I choose Bullies in Need not only to help animals but also to try and educate, the best I can, about the most misunderstood breed out there today.

So fingers crossed I pass the home inspection and I will be soon talking of a new arrival. Send all good thoughts my way!!  Until next time.