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Monday, 28 May 2012

Just a Loving Dog

It's been awhile and I apologise for the silence.  Unfortunately my pups have not been the clowns they usually are I think the premature summer heat has wiped them out!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the pressure put on pitbulls in general to be the best behaved dog out there.  I wonder if they sense it.  I know if Marg pulls on the leash when we walk I'm worried people will think shes trying to eat them.  Shes not, she's just trying to meet you and love you up.  This is where parental guilt kicks in.  It is my responsibility to give her the tools to be the best she can be.  If I fail she fails through no fault of her own.  People will look at her and judge harshly because lets face it she a "pitbull" .  This is an attitude all dog owners should share big or small we are the caretakers of these lovely animals. 

So close your eyes and try to forget all that has been put in you head about pitbulls and now open them and look at the silly dog (that's right just a dog) below. 

 This looks like a loving family dog.  She is. 

Take care